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Kate Beckinsale has the perfect body She posted a photo of herself cuddling her abs in her new undies and crop top on Instagram

“I’m in love with this dress! It’s perfect for the summer festival.”



Kate Beckinsale posted an Instagram photo of her super-defined legs and sculpted six-pack abs in little pair of black undies and tall boots.

Six days a week, the 49-year-old actress hits the gym, where she focuses on full-body workouts that focus on two muscle groups at a time.

Kate believes that her devotion to stretching and enjoyment of yoga have contributed to her injury-free lifestyle.

Kate Beckinsale is turning 49, and she’s throwing a huge party to mark the occasion. In an Instagram post, she was flaunting her sculpted, strong abs in a crop top and black underwear while standing on top of her couch in tall black boots. This is the ultimate stance of authority!

Before “Love Island,” she wrote as the caption.

Last week, on July 26, Kate turned 26, and her friends were eager to leave comments in her honor. Jamie Foxx wished her a simple but sweet, “Happy birthday,” while other fans left little love notes. “OMG I’m in love!” one said. Someone else remarked, “Wow, Kate, you’re looking fit.”

Fans got an even better look at Kate’s epic core in the photo where she is jumping, but her strong abs and legs are on full display in this picture. A captivating action shot is sure to captivate any audience.

Kate isn’t bashful about explaining how she stays in shape. This actress’ primary interest is in yoga. She credits her regular training for keeping her injury-free. “I haven’t been injured while doing an action movie, and I think it’s partially from practicing yoga,” she told WH.

She even includes the cat in her flow practices. Kate has even been known to balance her cat on her legs while practicing acroyoga, which is a combination of acrobatics and yoga, according to Shape.

She also works out regularly and has shared her routine with WH. Every day, the 49-year-old actress spends at least an hour in the gym with her trainer, Brad Siskind. “She rarely misses a workout. There must be a compelling reason for her to, “To quote Siskind:

He also said that while they are together, Kate is totally focused on the matter at hand. He declared, “The whole hour is work.” It would appear so.

Together, the two work on full-body workouts that target her arms and legs simultaneously. For example, she does biceps curls as she squats, or sit ups with combination punches, she told WH.

She also alternates between climbing machines and rowing, among other exercises, during her cardio sections. Kate completes each workout with a few minutes of stretching.

Happy late birthday to you, Kate!

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