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Kiernan Shipka’s Abs Are Ripped AF In A Cropped Sweater In These Pics

Fitness queen, are you there?



Kiernan Shipka is once more demonstrating her impressively firm core as she goes about her regular activities.

The 22-year-old actress strutted the streets of New York City this week in a cropped sweater and low-rise slacks, and the stylish ensemble showed off her toned abs.

Kiernan works out with famous trainer Harley Pasternak and is a true boss at the gym.

It makes obvious that someone with fantastic abs would want to flaunt them all year long. Take the actress Kiernan Shipka as an example.

Because of her appearance this week on the streets of New York City in an ensemble that was “all” toned abs, the 22-year-old Mad Men alum might just be the Queen of Core. I’m not joking at all. Or to put it another way, her fashionable low-rise camo leggings and a cropped sweater were just accessories to Kiernan’s impressively toned abs. And I really like it.

This is far from Kiernan’s only memorable core experience this season. In a recent Instagram post, Kiernan was wearing a top identical to this:

She then displayed her abs for this photograph:

Another example is this: If you’re asking yourself, “Ummm…How?,” Same. Fortunately, Kiernan has provided some insider glimpses into her demanding routines. Harley Pasternak, a well-known celebrity trainer, helps the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star work out. He has shared a few behind-the-scenes videos of Kiernan fully dominating the gym like the boss she is.

In one video, Harley gives Kiernan a *lot* of praise while she performs a Nordic hamstring curl, which seriously engages the muscles in your hammies. “I have been coaching people for more than 28 years, and I have never seen anyone perform Nordic curls as well as @kiernanshipka,” he wrote. Impressive!

In another post from Pasternak, Kiernan returned with that great hamstring curl in addition to crushing some dumbbell stiff leg deadlifts. Look at it here:

Kiernan said to Byrdie in 2018 that she enjoys cardio as well. “When I can, I really need to do some excellent exercise to clear my head, she remarked. “I enjoy doing yoga and taking walks. Maybe a class if I’m having a wild and fun day.”

Kiernan too enjoys a super-charged cappuccino to start her day. “it has Ashwagandha, Cordyceps, and various powders and things that give you superpowers, “She spoke to Byrdie. Kiernan usually prepares “vegetables and meat, and that’s pretty much where it ends” when it comes to cooking. I’m so into vegetables, she continued. I might even say that when I visit a farmers market, I let the vegetables talk to me.

By the way, Kiernan claimed that cauliflower was her “top-favorite veggie” and that she adores a delicious roasted celery.

Take them out, Kiernan!

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