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Kyle Busch has had a tough year on the track

Kyle Busch admits to not getting enough sleep and has a lot on his mind as he is considering his next racing plans.



Washington Glen, New York — It’s possible that you think of Kyle Busch as a hero. Or maybe you think he’s the bad guy. Perhaps you think he is the most gifted artist of his time. Also known as the NASCAR Cup Series’ pampered driver.

Can’t be bothered with.

It’s easy to forget that Kyle Busch is human in this age of soundbites and memes.

To put it simply, he’s human.

It doesn’t matter how well Busch drives a stock car; he’s still not safe from the hardships of real life. The nature of his job and salary make some of his problems unusual and difficult to empathize with, but other difficulties are universal.

Before the birth of their son Brexton in 2015, he and his wife Samantha were candid about their infertility struggles. Before resorting to a surrogate for their daughter Lennix, the couple revealed their anguish and pain in trying to conceive a second child.

Both Brexton’s and Lennix’s births have come at difficult times for Busch. When Brexton was born in March, Busch was still recovering from injuries sustained in a crash at Daytona months earlier.

As a result of the failure of an early-year sponsorship deal, he has no contract for the upcoming season. Day by day, the prospect of Busch leaving Joe Gibbs Racing, where he has been employed since 2008, grows more likely.

When asked on Saturday about his struggles, Busch took a moment, but then showed a side of himself that he hasn’t shown this year, not since April, when he hinted that he might not return to Joe Gibbs Racing.

At the Watkins Glen International on Saturday, Busch admitted, “people aren’t going to feel or should feel sorry for me” because of his social and financial standing.

He then detailed the events of the past 12 months.

He said, “It’s been hard as hell.” Considering one’s options and making plans for the future can be stressful and cause sleepless nights.

Busch went on to speak for another 90 seconds.

Those around him told him, “Oh, well, you’ve made plenty of money, you’re fine, you don’t have anything to worry about,” he explained. And I said, “Yeah, that’s true, but you still want to do what you love to do, right? … As you are, so am I. I compete in races. I was born into a racing family. Just that. I’ve been working on a few side businesses and ventures, but so far, nothing has really taken off. That’s why it’s been so challenging; trying to make sense of it all has been difficult.

It was an eye-opening experience the last time I had to do this (15 years ago). That time was challenging, but it paled in comparison to the present. Then there was only I to worry about. Sadly, I was without Samantha. Sadly, I was unable to provide for a son. There was no daughter in my family. My only resource was a broker who was assisting me. Now I’m doing it mostly by myself, with some help from Samantha and my family, but it feels like I’m in unfamiliar territory. To make matters more difficult, you now have to consider Kyle Busch Motorsports, a team in the Camping World Truck Series. You have a mortgage or rent to pay on a structure. You have a construction letter and other necessary paperwork. It’s not easy because there are many parts to consider.

There’s a lot to take into account when considering every facet of my life, some of which you may not know about at all or may not know very well. Taking care of all that and making sure things continue as they have been going the past few years would be great.

It’s time for some #NASCAR… With his future in racing up in the air, I wanted to know what Kyle Busch had to go through this year. He disclosed… Tweeted by: Dustin Long August 20th, 2022:

Two-time Cup champion and future Hall of Famer Kyle Busch, 37, is a racing legend. Along with Kevin Harvick, he shares ninth place on the all-time list of series victories with 60. They’re closing in on Dale Earnhardt Jr.

It’s easy to see why a sponsor would want to be associated with Busch after all of their success. Those pictures from victory lane are a nice addition to any cubicle wall.

Despite his talent, it’s not hard to find videos of Busch losing his cool, having explicit radio conversations, and punching Joey Logano in 2017.

Would that be enough to put off potential backers?

The question of when to do things is another concern. The failure of a sponsor deal this summer has left Joe Gibbs Racing with less time to secure a deal worth $20 million or more to fund Kyle Busch and the No. 18 team. There are fewer than six months until the start of the next season.

Consequently, it becomes more difficult for businesses to close multimillion-dollar deals that are planned months or even years in advance. Naturally, if a company is determined to make it happen, they can.

On Saturday, Busch revealed that he has been losing sleep over his future plans, specifically how to proceed and how competitive he can be.

You want to go somewhere where you have a good chance of winning the race, Busch said. Trust me, I don’t think it’s fair to me or my loved ones if we have to spend less time together in the future due to a change in our way of life. Certainly, a significant shift is on the horizon. Is it better to go build something or jump in something that has a chance of winning right away, or to go run around and not have an opportunity to win right away? All of these concerns are being carefully considered.

That’s why things can’t be simplified and made easy. Therefore, fortunately, there are possibilities available. In the Cup industry, employment opportunities exist. This time, however, it won’t be the same as it has been for the past 15 years.

We must adapt to the new realities of our lives. On behalf of everyone, including Kyle Busch.

It’s time for some #NASCAR… I asked Kyle Busch, who mentioned having trouble sleeping over his future plans, whether he was more anxious about winning or other factors. As he put it,… August 20, 2022 — Dustin Long (@dustinlong)

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