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Kylie Jenner’s workout routine is the best of all the Kardashian clan to do

This workout plan was created by Kylie Jenner as a way to maintain her figure after having two kids.



No matter what she’s doing—relaxing on a weekend getaway with her kids or posing for a photo shoot for Kylie Cosmetics—Kylie Jenner always manages to look stunning. You can bet that information about Kylie’s rigorous exercise regimen is in high demand, so we’ve included it in full below.

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner has her own successful business, endorsement deals with numerous well-known brands, and a growing portfolio of trademarks that currently numbers in the 130s. She gained fame as a reality TV star, but now she is an entrepreneur, style icon, and beauty guru, so it’s safe to say she keeps herself quite busy. As a result, she needs a workout routine that is flexible enough to accommodate her busy work and family schedules.

What is her secret, then? Kylie may not be the most dedicated to her fitness routine (have you seen Kim, Kendall, or Kourtney?! ), but she still makes it a priority. Learn how Kylie uses exercise and diet to keep herself in the best shape possible.

A detailed look at Kylie Jenner’s fitness routine:

1. Exercising thrice weekly

Kylie’s three workouts per week seems more reasonable and doable than the five or six times that some of the Kar-Jenners work out. You won’t exhaust yourself if you exercise three times a week, and you’ll probably see great results.

Is seven days a week the magic number for working out? Learn the ideal quantity based on your fitness objectives by consulting our guide.

At least twice weekly HIIT workouts

Reportedly fond of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and preferring a varied workout schedule, Jenner, now 25 years old, is no stranger to the spotlight. Use a high-quality yoga mat to cushion your knees and lower body during this high-intensity interval training.

At least twice a week, she works on her lower body by performing three sets of:

15 squats with dumbbells

Perform 15 sets of lunges using only one leg.

15 lunges on skates

Repeat 15 times on each side.

15 total leg curls for stability

In order to strengthen your back, you should perform 15 cable lat pulldowns.

Fifteen sets of rows with a dumbbell

Fifteen sets of dumbbell curls

Perform 25 abdominal crunches

25 crunches in reverse

Twenty-five pitches

Do 60 mountain climbers in a row.

Plank for 90 seconds

A high intensity interval cardio workout for 15 minutes

In the same vein, she appears to have been working out her upper body. She does three sets of: once or twice a week.

Do 15 sets of dumbbell chest presses.

15 sets of dumbbell flys

There were 15 choppings of wood.

Raise your shoulders 15 times.

15 sets of lateral dumbbell presses

Fifteen sets of curls with dumbbells

Complete 15 repetitions of triceps extensions.

Twenty-five pitches

25 crunches on a bicycle

25 crunches in reverse

Plank with leg raises for 90 seconds

The number 15, in terms of side bends

Do 60 mountain climbers in a row.

Intense interval training for 15 minutes

Considering the importance of dumbbells to her workout, you should do some research before attempting to replicate her results.

Although this high-intensity interval training session may look challenging, Kylie also enjoys incorporating low-impact activities into her routine.

Third, maintain a regular hiking and outdoor exercise routine.

Kylie “prefers doing outdoor workouts because it’s more distracting and it feels nice to be in nature,” as reported by E! News. Long walks with her dog Stormi on the nearby trails or a nearby hike are regular activities for her.

Getting some fresh air and basking in the sun while working out is proven to be beneficial for your health, so it comes as no surprise that Kylie shares this preference.

She eats in a way that is both realistic and healthy.

Instead of following a strict diet plan, Kylie focuses on eating healthy in general, with a preference for lean, whole, and organic foods. To the contrary, she avoids fad diets like the plague because she doesn’t think they work.

Whenever possible, Kylie Cosmetics’ chief executive officer eats organic meats and vegetables and makes an effort to use other healthy ingredients in her home cooking. Half an hour before breakfast, she enjoys a green juice smoothie. Then, she’ll whip up a quick and easy meal, perhaps scrambled eggs with bacon and mashed avocados. Pasta and chicken tacos are regulars at the dinner table of this mother of two. After learning that she was lactose intolerant, she eliminated dairy from her diet as well.

Kylie does her best to eat healthily, but she gives in to her sweet tooth every once in a while. She regularly posts Instagram photos of herself eating her favorite foods, including In-N-Out burgers, sushi, cookies, and pizza.

Five, she consumes many small meals daily

Jenner understands that it’s not just about the food you eat; timing and quantity are also crucial factors. Instead of three large meals, she reportedly eats six or seven smaller ones interspersed with healthy snacks to keep her metabolism revved up. In addition, she allegedly follows the intermittent fasting lifestyle, in which she eats no food between midnight and noon each day.

Now that you know how Kylie Jenner stays in shape, why not give some of the same methods a try and see if they work for you?