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largest legal RBs in Madden 23

Energy, and movement



advantage. Yes, there are other categories as well as, if not more. However, football still heavily relies on quickness to get away from rival defenders. With Madden 23 now available, we can see which players, including at the running back position, get the best ratings. So who are the top running backs? Let’s look at it.

In Madden 23, the fastest RBs

In Madden NFL 23, these are the top 10 running backs, listed by highest speed:

Dolphins HB Mostert, Raheem (95 Speed) HB Vikings Nwangwu, Kene (94 Speed) Colts HB Taylor, Jonathan (94 Speed) Seahawks HB Walker, Kenneth III (93 Speed) Vikings HB Chandler, Ty (93 Speed) HB Free Agent Cottrell, Nathan (93 Speed) HB Cowboys Nick Pollard (93 Speed) Titans HB Henry, Derrick (93 Speed) HB Giants Toby Breida (93 Speed) No Contract McAllister, Tyreik (92 Speed)

Tyreik McAllister wasn’t the only back in Madden 23 with 92 Speed. Others with 92 Speed include Saquon Barkley, Nyheim Hines, Nick Chubb, and Jaguars running back Travis Etienne.

The fastest running back and wide receiver in Madden 23 both belong to the Miami Dolphins. Raheem Mostert, a former 49ers running back, stands out from the competition thanks to his 95 Speed rating.

Tony Pollard, Jonathan Taylor, an All-Pro running back, Derrick Henry, and Matt Breida, one of Mostert’s former colleagues, are among the other prominent players in the top ten. Henry possesses tremendous power that he uses to punish opponents, but he also moves quite quickly. With a 93 Speed rating in Madden NFL 23, Henry is tied with five running backs.

Note: As of August 16, 2022, this list. It could change because EA Sports frequently modifies the online rosters.