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LBs are a position in Madden football

Sideline to sideline speed.



Speed has never been more crucial on defense as NFL offenses increasingly incorporate collegiate-level offense strategies. You’ll need a sideline-to-sideline spread from your linebacking group in order to cover pass-catching tight ends and running backs, as well as quickness to enter the backfield and sack the quarterback. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for athletes with the fastest top-end speeds. Let’s examine the Madden 23 linebackers who are the fastest.

Who among the linebackers in Madden 23 is the fastest?

The sum of a player’s Speed and Acceleration ratings determines their real speed. Although acceleration is important because it affects how quickly a player can reach their maximum pace, speed is king since it shows you a player’s top-end output. Given that speed doesn’t significantly affect a player’s overall rating, you need also take into account other defensive ratings. Even some of the fastest players struggle to play solid defense. In light of the foregoing, the top linebackers in terms of speed are listed below.

Several of these players stand out, despite the fact that the majority of them fall on the lower end of the Overall scale. Notably, Micah Parsons, who plays the ROLB position, is only 23 years old and already has a player rating of 88. He should be a player to watch out for. If you’re playing Franchise or Ultimate Team, Devin White is another up-and-coming star, this time at the MLB position. The league’s fastest safeties are undoubtedly something you should look into as you’re constructing your defense. After all, especially in the NFL, speed is lethal.