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Learn how to get the rewards in Sea of Thieves including discounts, promotions, events and exclusive items

A few pirate plundered pieces.



The latest Adventure to hit Sea of Thieves, A Hunter’s Cry, introduces a fun new narrative activity, though its success is contingent on your ability to find a suitable partner. It is up to you to rescue Hunter Merrick from the hands of the Dark Brethren and deliver him to the safety of the Pirate Lord’s tavern. Still, you’ll find more than just plot points here. You will also receive two valuable rewards to flaunt before your fellow buccaneers. Both of these useful tools will be discussed in detail below.

Sound of the Hunter Momentos

As part of the A Hunter’s Cry Adventure, you can earn the Defender of the Damned Title and a portrait of Merrick called “Hunter’s Repose” to display aboard your ship.

The portrait is the simpler reward to obtain; all it takes is one run through A Hunter’s Cry to unlock it in your Trinket Box. It’s appropriate for any wall where a painting would normally hang. There are no viable horizontal options.

Completing the six Deeds linked to A Hunter’s Cry is an additional requirement for the Title. Fortunately, only three of them require additional work, and the fourth is a straightforward transoceanic trip like the ones you’ve taken a thousand times before. To review, the Deeds are as follows: