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Learning how to play instruments is easy by joining the community in BitLife

Try to take it step by step.



In the latest BitLife update, “Music,” you have the option to take on the challenge of learning to play an instrument. Learning an instrument can be a fun hobby or a career path, depending on your ambitions and the instrument you choose. It takes a lot of talent, patience, and dedication for someone with these skills to make it as a famous musician. The first step to it is learning how to play an instrument.

Methods for Mastering Musical Instruments

If you want to learn how to play an instrument, head to the “Activities” section of the main screen and select the “Mind & Body” tab. You’ll be able to learn any of the available instruments if you select that option.

These are the only available musical instruments for study.


Guitar Bass















If you’re looking to join a band, you should focus on learning bass guitar, drums, guitar, keyboard, or singing. The singer option is on the Mind & Body tab, further down, where you can take vocal lessons. A bass guitar, cello, guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, and/or voice are all useful skills to acquire if you aspire to a career as a solo performer. These are all professional options if you want to become a professional. However, you can learn how to play any other instruments to relax and leisurely play them.

You can start learning how to play an instrument as young as six years old, and if you want to become a professional, that’s the key thing you want to do. Learning an instrument can be a long, arduous process if you put it off for too long. However, your participation in the classes is contingent upon parental approval. If you wait until you turn 18, when you’ll have to start paying for them, you might end up spending anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per lesson.

To improve on an instrument’s skill, you must keep practicing with them repeatedly. Taking regular lessons is the only way to improve one’s ability to play an instrument. If you’re planning on joining a band after turning 18, but you haven’t yet reached that age, you may be disappointed if you have to wait a while. Unless you’re using God Mode, you should be able to hit just above the middle bar in BitLife.

Becoming a professional musician or a famous singer takes a lot of time. If your proficiency on an instrument is at least 90%, record companies and bands will contact you. If you want to make a living wage with the skill, you’ll need to put in the time practicing every time you gain an age increment. Not much is required. You can do it with any part-time job, and when you become famous, you won’t have to worry about money moving forward.

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