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Leia-El, The Guardian Angel Who Promotes Freedom And Combats Suffering

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Contents: Angel Leiazel (or Yeiazel), Libra’s guardian (from 9th to 13th October)

Why bother to get in touch with him?

Tips for talking to him

Leiazel or Yeiazel, both of which mean “God who delights,” watch over those of you who were born between October 9 and October 13. This male archangel is associated with Libra and its astrological themes of overcoming adversity and finding freedom. He represents independence and the consolidation necessary to avoid persecution. The people who call Leiazel or Yeiazel home have a penchant for adventure and an upbeat outlook, viewing setbacks and challenges as opportunities to grow and become stronger. Find out more about the attributes of this angel and how you can reach out to them.

Leiazel (or Yeiazel) is a guardian angel who inspires people to pursue careers in the arts and humanities. The majority of the arts, including painting, are also popular among his people.

Love, growth, health, healing, productivity, and perseverance are all virtues and powers. Elemental Pronoun: air Shade: red Aquamarine, Beryl, Coral, Carnelian, Emerald, Jasper, Malachite, Opal, Rhodonite are all beautiful stones. Angel of God: Chamuel Sefirot: Geburah The ten sefirots are the Kabbalistic sources of inspiration. They manifest as the Kabbalah tree, with each sefirah representing a different aspect of God’s creative energy.

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Angel Leiazel (or Yeiazel), Libra’s guardian (from 9th to 13th October)

The people who call Leiazel or Yeiazel home are naturally adventurous. They have a positive outlook, and they look at setbacks and challenges as opportunities to grow and become stronger. Easily, they get past their worries and doubts. They, too, have a strong emotional side and a keen awareness of their surroundings. They are receptive and intuitive, and they prefer to train for a high degree of mobility so that they can fulfill the numerous requests.

Is there a reason to bother this angel with your request?

Leiazel, your guardian angel, can be called upon for comfort, love, wisdom, or divine intervention. If you’re shy, Leiazel, the angel of liberation, will help you reach out to others and get past your own personal obstacles, fears, flaws, and bad habits.

You can rely on him to offer consolation in times of trouble and to speed up the recovery process from any physical ailments. You have a strong desire to avoid inactivity and make an effort to do something every day.

A Few Questions to Put to an Angel Leiazel

Ask your patron saint of Leiazel or Yeiazel for guidance if you feel like you’re stuck creatively. In addition to being the patron saint of creative types like authors, painters, musicians, and singers, he lends his considerable talents to help you showcase your own abilities to their fullest potential. Your benefactor can be with you in times of difficulty, shining his grace and divine light on you. To help you escape tricky and complicated situations, enlist his assistance. Get guidance from your guardian angel on what to say to those in need. You can rely on him to assist you in caring for others and achieving inner tranquility if you ask for his assistance.

Just how do you talk to him?

On February 16th, April 30th, July 14th, September 26th, and December 7th, between 13:00 and 13:20, Leiazel will be in regency.

With Benzoin and Myrrh incense, recite this prayer to establish a dialogue with your guardian angel:

Intercessions for Leiazel Angel When I am sad, angry, or in pain, you, Leiazel, are a great comfort to me. As a reward for my hard work, you give me new life. You keep me from wandering aimlessly. Acknowledge and face all challenges head-on. Cut me loose from all of the bad things going on in my mind. Facilitate my withdrawing from active participation. You give me a chance to grow and improve, which in turn helps me to fulfill my potential and fulfill my role in fulfilling my destiny. Always back me up and never leave my side. Amen

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