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Let’s find out how to get the Spicy Burger Recipe in Tower of Fantasy

A game-changing burger with a burst of delicious taste.



Throughout Tower of Fantasy, you’ll find a plethora of tasty recipes that can be used to increase your Satiety and grant various bonuses to your character. Since it can be a hassle to unlock them at a cooking station, it is much more convenient to simply buy the recipe from a vendor who sells it. Here is the secret to getting the Tower of Fantasy’s Spicy Burger Recipe unlocked.

If you’re looking for the Hot Burger Recipe in Tower of Fantasy, you can get it right here!

The Spicy Burger Recipe can be purchased early on in your Tower of Fantasy journey. You can purchase it from the Banges Dock vendor who carries it (hidden behind the counter, beside Collie, and marked with a sign depicting a tire). Locate this establishment by climbing the stairs directly above the eatery advertising “Pizza Hot Fast Food.” You can also get the recipes for a steamed crab sandwich and a crispy chicken burger here. It will cost you 2,000 Gold to purchase the Recipe from Margarette. Don’t worry about buying it twice in the future by accident; it’s only available to you once.

This Spicy Burger requires the following items in addition to the ingredients listed in the Recipe:

This is a Homi Grain, people!

Two Hooks in the Tail

Simply Lettuce

Put together at a cooking station after transporting the necessary ingredients. In addition to increasing your physical attack damage by 1% for 900 seconds, or 15 minutes, when you eat a Spicy Burger after you’ve had it cooked, you’ll also feel fuller faster and have more stamina.

Evidently, the Spicy Burger is a delicious bite-sized damage buff. It’s best to eat this before engaging in a tough battle, as it will give you a nice boost and make things go more quickly once the battle begins.