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Letters to the Editor: why is Hungarian PM Viktor Orban celebrated by a group that opposes his views on migrants?

Robin Abcarian has been featured in the News.



Addressed to the Editor: Reading Robin Abcarian’s article made me think of a similar incident that occurred in the 1930s in the United States. Tucker Carlson’s admiration for Viktor Orban brings to mind Father Charles Coughlin, another radio personality, and his love of extreme right-wing and racist ideas like those of Hitler and his followers. (This analogy hits especially close to home for me because my own father, Harry Milton, fought alongside George Orwell in the Spanish Civil War and was later condemned by Coughlin on national radio after his return to America.)

Inviting Orban to the United States to spread his brand of hate is beyond despicable and echoes the 1939 Nazi rally in Madison Square Garden, which gave hope to fascists in Europe by showing them they had American support. Is this the image of America in the year 2022?

Laguna Beach’s David Milton..

Editor’s Note: When I was four, my family fled Hungary with me to escape the Nazi occupation. My father’s lifelong ambition was to settle in the United States. Long years of hoping and planning culminated in the realization of that goal in Los Angeles.

During that time, I learned about the Hungarian diaspora and kept in touch with family members still in Hungary. I discovered that Hungarians are very pleased with the distinctiveness of their language, as well as their achievements in the fields of literature, art, music, and scholarship. I think Viktor Orban’s speech [at the Conservative Political Action Conference] hits home from the perspective of Hungarians’ pride and identity.

How Orban’s speech chimes with the modern spectrum of democratic values is a different story, as Abcarian critiques.

Felszeghy, Stephen. Whittier

This article first appeared in the Los Angeles Times.