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Lexus Reflects On 10 Years Of The Spindle Grille

From spindle grille to spindle body, Lexus looks back at a decade of distinct, polarizing design.



Lexus reflects on a decade of distinctive, divisive design, beginning with the spindle grille and continuing through the spindle body.

The spindle grille that has become synonymous with the Lexus brand is divisive; I personally know more than a handful of people who openly dislike it. It was first seen in 2011 on the LF-Gh concept, so it has been around for a while.

The Lexus GS executive sedan debuted the following year, heavily influenced by the New York concept. It was at this time that the divisive spindle grille first appeared.

Since then, Lexus has continued to modify the spindle for each vehicle individually, resulting in a wide range of designs, sizes, and materials.

“One of the hallmarks of a Lexus is that it’s easy to spot from a distance. Our spindle-shaped grille, for instance, allows for instantaneous visual recognition. It’s meant to look threatening at first glance; however, it also manages to communicate its confidence with a certain air of refinement “Kiyotake Ise, Lexus’s former CEO, defended the spindle grille’s introduction.

After that, Lexus put the spindle grille on more than just cars. Most prominently, Valerian and the City on a Million Planets featured the futuristic Skyjet spaceship. The Loft, the acclaimed Lexus and Brussels Airlines lounge at Brussels Airport, also borrowed the motif.

Lexus Electric Vehicles Have A “Spindle Body.”

Lexus knew the spindle was divisive, but it insisted it would keep improving. The spindle shape is already incorporated into the vehicle’s design, so it has happened. The new Lexus RX crossover provides an early look at the next generation of the spindle body, as the Japanese manufacturer has already shown us in previous models.

This was eventually implemented on Lexus’s first battery electric vehicle, the RZ 450e. Lexus’s designers were free to incorporate the spindle shape into the car’s aesthetic without having to account for the need for elaborate cooling systems.