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Lightyear’s Disney+ Performance Proves the Pixar Film Wasn’t Wanted

Lightyear’s theatrical failure has been followed by similarly disappointing numbers on Disney+, with audiences making their disinterest clear.



Lightyear proved to be anything but what Disney and Pixar had once probably thought to be a big success. The film is regarded as one of its company’s biggest flops in recent memory. It was a critical and commercial failure. There were several reasons for this, but none probably anticipated its most recent failure.

Lightyear has let Disney+ down once more with its underwhelming streaming figures. This may reflect poorly on Disney, but it just confirms the opinions that many people already had of the film. The “real” tale behind Buzz Lightyear is now officially one that audiences didn’t care about and is underperforming in a variety of ways.

Lightyear Failed in Streaming and at the Box Office

The movie had promise when Lightyear was originally shown off in its teaser trailer. Showing the beginnings of the “real life” Buzz Lightyear was an intriguing concept, but the finished film tragically fell short of realizing this promise. The movie was a dark and serious affair, but it was undermined by needless comedy sidekicks for children and other components that felt completely out of place.

Due to these decisions, Lightyear’s box office haul was not very impressive. Some people thought the movie would do better on Disney+, which is what happened to the much more successful movie Encanto. Sadly, Buzz lacked the family Madrigal’s buzz, so it wasn’t the case. The Toy Story franchise has come to an unfortunate conclusion, but this had to be expected.

Never wanted by audiences was Lightyear

It is clear from the absence of marketing around Lightyear’s Disney+ debut that audience concern wasn’t the only factor in the film’s underwhelming box office performance. Families would have to have been patient if they were waiting to watch the movie on Disney+, as many people thought they were for Encanto. No matter how far away from Toy Story it may be, Lightyear is still a spinoff. As more people had children of their own and had grown up watching those films, the movie was able to appeal to nostalgia for the series in ways that even Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4 couldn’t. On the other hand, Encanto was completely unique and lacked these marketing benefits.

At the same time, nobody desired the Buzz Lightyear movie that spectators saw. Being neither the realistic space movie it imagined it was nor a tie-in to Toy Story, the movie was very half-hearted. Instead of being a sincere addition to Pixar’s original brand, this just served to give the impression that the film was an uninspired cash grab. It would have given viewers more of an incentive to watch the movie if a young Andy was ever seen viewing it, or perhaps his adult self watching it with his own children.

Pixar’s somewhat damaged reputation didn’t help the film’s underwhelming reaction, especially in light of the studio’s recent spate of sequel releases. Whether it’s Disney’s cartoon films or its most recent live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe productions, many people are more critical of the firm. Lightyear died from 1000 paper cuts as a result of Disney’s recent two films creating very little of a real splash without any criticism. However, the biggest blow was that moviegoers didn’t care that it even existed, and they made it apparent by shunning it in all forms.