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Lisa Rinna Shows Off Every Curve As She Wows Fans With a Confident Bikini Photo

Lisa Rinna shared a photo to Instagram with her thigh-high bootie touching the lakeside and with the cheeky caption, “Out of the water.”



Lisa Rinna, star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, continues to raise the temperature on our Instagram feeds with yet another self-assured, glam bikini shot. A photo posted by Rinna on August 19 caused widespread gasps of shock. She shared an image taken at the lake with the cheeky caption “out out.”

For more on Lisa Rinna’s glowing swimsuit, check out this article from SheKnows featuring the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. L I S A R I N N A’s (@lisarinna) shared post.

Rinna is slouched in the photo, her beautiful curves on full display for her adoring fans. She’s wearing a sleek black bikini and a matching hat, and the water in the background makes for a breathtaking setting. Many cheers, fire emojis, and “#nextlevel”s and “Um wows” were posted by admirers and friends.

We certainly hope this isn’t the last time we see a stunning bikini photo of Rinna on our newsfeeds.

She has other means by which to boost her self-esteem besides posing scantily clad in a bikini. Even though she’s a star on RHOBH, Rinna is secretive about the ways she takes care of herself and builds her self-esteem. She did reveal one important fact, though: it’s all due to her wigs! She previously told People, “I’m telling you, the wigs have been so much fun!” in reference to her self-esteem enhancer.

She continued, “Honey, I just walk through that door with confidence. I throw a wig on.” What can I say? It’s incredible. The transformation that a wig provides is fantastic. They’ve been wonderful for me as a means of self-expression.

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