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Little Girl Discovers a New Dog and Her Reaction is EVERYTHING

At first, she missed it.



In the beginning, she didn’t even notice it.

Perhaps you can recall the excitement you felt when you brought home your first dog. Perhaps it was a gift for the holidays, or you simply decided it was time to start a family. One little girl’s family surprised her with a new puppy in a touching video that has gone viral on TikTok.

We can only envy @giababi’s offspring and wish our own parents had been as fun and involved when we were young. When the mother called her daughter into her bedroom, she had the camera rolling, and the sight that met her eyes brought immediate tears. Before she even sees the new puppy cage, one of the adults in the room wishes her a happy birthday.

She totally didn’t see that coming, as the video’s caption puts it. “In the year 2020, we decided to surprise her with a puppy. Excuse me while I greet Nala Sarafina “Eventually, @giababi clarified in the comments.

Over 300,000 people watched the video, and commenters and viewers alike couldn’t be happier for the girl. “The unconditional love and happiness they spread are priceless. What a lovely sweetness!” Farrahfeather (@farrahfeather) has penned something. It’s “so cute the little pup’s face waiting to be recognized,” commented @user809260793. As if reading the little dog’s mind, @danielleinvirginia wrote, “I will kiss away your tears now and forever.” “Say it with me: “Hey, BFF! Nala Sarafina, “We are Going to Have So Much Fun!” “Parody from @prhazeleyes.

Additional sobbing can be seen in a second video posted to the mother’s page. After receiving the puppy, her daughter was so astonished that she refused to believe it was real. ” “Are you kidding me? Really, she couldn’t believe it, “mother captioned the photo.

It’s a parent’s highest calling when they can work a little magic in their children’s lives. In my opinion, this mother has it down pat.