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Liz Cheney criticizes the Republican party for being unsuccessful in recent elections

Cheney said on Sunday that the country had to decide about how it wants to live.



On Sunday, Rep. Liz Cheney claimed that a sizable segment of the Republican Party is “extremely sick.”

According to Cheney, many of her Republican coworkers still believe what Trump says.

Despite losing the election, Cheney vowed to keep up the battle for her principles.

Rep. Liz Cheney claimed on Sunday that a sizable segment of the Republican Party is “extremely sick” and still adheres to the views of the late president Trump.

When asked what her recent loss means for Trump’s control of the Republican Party, Cheney responded, “I think, one, it shows that people continue to accept the lie, they continue to believe what he’s saying, which is very dangerous.”

It also indicates, in my opinion, that a significant segment of our party, including its leadership in Wyoming and at the national level with the RNC, is gravely ill.

Trump-endorsed Cheney was badly defeated by Harriet Hageman in the most recent Republican primary.

Cheney, who only earned 30% of the vote in the Wyoming Republican at-large primary, told Karl that she thinks so many Republicans are being controlled by the late President Trump and that the party needs to establish what its core principles are.

In his speech, Cheney added, “We really have to determine whether or not we’re going to be a party based on content and policy or whether or not we’re going to remain as so many of our party are now, in the clutches of a dangerous past president.”

Despite losing, Cheney vowed to keep up the fight for the constitution’s values as long as her party was still controlled by the previous president.

“The Constitution is the cause I’m fighting for. The survival of the Republic is what I’m defending. The rule of law, or the requirement that everyone follow the law, is what I’m fighting for “She spoke.

“What I’m fighting for is the requirement that elections matter and that the president of the United States respect the election results once the polls have closed, the courts have rendered their decisions, and the electoral college has met.”

The notion that we have a peaceful transition of power and don’t choose who reigns via violence is what I’m fighting for, Cheney continued.