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Loba ‘War Fan’ appeared to allegedly be teased for Apex Legends Season 14

Loba could be next in line of Apex Legends Heirloom inside the game’s new Greed Mode.



It’s no surprise that, with some time having passed since the release of Apex Legends: Hunted, players are once again wondering who will be the lucky recipients of the game’s next Heirloom Set.

During a Collection Event, Heirloom Sets are typically released once per season. The 22 Legends all got their own Heirloom Sets, but only 14 of them were included in this particular one. The most recent set was awarded to Valkyrie in Season 13’s Awakening Collection Event.

Loba, as the game’s oldest Legend without an Heirloom, may be the most deserving of the remaining eight to receive the same treatment from Respawn Entertainment. However, recent rumors suggest that may soon change.

…I don’t know why, but she keeps popping into my head. According to Moy Parra (@ moyparra) Wednesday, August 13th, 2022

On August 13, Moy Parra, the lead animator at Respawn, tweeted an oddly timed post in which he said that “for whatever reason,” Loba had been on their minds. Obviously, this suggests that Season 14 will bring exciting developments for the Translocating Thief.

The possible skin for Loba’s Heirloom Melee weapon has also been the subject of speculation thanks to hints from a source that appears to be prominent Apex Legends leaker ezra rc.

The next heirloom may have been teased by @/ezra rc. (@Psamatheh) — luwba Date: August 5th, 2022

Many in the Apex Legends community have noted that it would be hilarious if Loba’s Heirloom turned out to be a handheld fan, as suggested by the images; this is because Revenant has several connections to fans.

The next Collection Event or Heirloom Set for Apex Legends: Hunted has not been announced by Respawn.

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