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Louisville Sergeant Fired After Arrest for Conducting Federal Drug Search

A police officer present at the time Breonna Taylor was killed has been fired.



One of the policemen present the night Breonna Taylor was killed, Sergeant Kyle Meany, has been let go by the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Erika Shields, the chief of police in Louisville, said on Friday that she decided to fire Meany “after considering and not with easily.”

Shields said, “I fully appreciate the legal system and am aware Sergeant Meany has yet to be heard by a jury of his peers. “Having said that, the DOJ’s thorough investigation has led to him being charged with many federal offenses. As an employer, the integrity of our company is crucial, and it is unreasonable to anticipate continuous employment under such circumstances.

On March 13, 2020, Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency room technician, was shot and killed in her own house while she slept next to her lover, Kenneth Walker. That evening, the police raided the flat and fired 22 shots inside, one of which pierced the young woman’s chest and killed her.

One of the four cops against whom the US Department of Justice ultimately filed charges is Meany. Former detectives Brett Hankison, Joshua Jaynes, Kelly Goodlett, and Meany are accused of a number of civil rights offenses, including illegal conspiracy, excessive force, and obstruction of justice, according to Revolt.

Additionally, according to court records, Goodlett and Jaynes provided incorrect and deceptive information to get the search warrant. Despite the fact that the information presented was fake, Meany, who served as their supervisor, granted the search warrant.

Additionally, Meany is charged with misleading investigators regarding the cops’ inability to introduce themselves when they arrived. A Kentucky jury also found Hankinson not guilty in March of two counts of deprivation of rights stemming from the shooting of 10 rounds through Taylor’s apartment’s glass door and window.