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Lucid Air Sapphire Targets Tesla Model S Plaid

Lucid Air Sapphire will set its sights on the Tesla Model S plaid with over 1200 hp on tap, 0 to 60 blasts in under two seconds, and a price tag to match.



Sapphire, a tri-motor version of the Air car from Lucid Motors, will have over 1200 horsepower and launch from 0 to 60 mph in less than two seconds.

According to Lucid, the sedan will be able to reach speeds of up to 200 mph, although EPA ratings will likely come with a range penalty.

The $249,000 price tag for the performance sedan, which is expected to go on sale next year, will put it much above the Air sedan’s most costly model to date.

If the thought of an electric vehicle with 1050 horsepower sounds a little too boring, Lucid has something else in mind. The tri-motor Lucid Air Sapphire from the EV manufacturer was unveiled during Monterey Car Week and promises over 1200 horsepower, 0-to-60 mph acceleration in under two seconds, and 0-to-100 mph acceleration in under four seconds.

The car will have a new heat exchanger technology and a higher coolant flow rate, with one motor up front and two motors out back. The new motors incorporate torque vectoring to improve straight-line stability and turn-in control as well as the company’s microjet stator cooling and wave winding technologies.

With carbon-ceramic brakes as a standard feature and distinctive Aero Sapphire wheels sporting Michelin PS4S tires measuring 20 inches up front and 21 inches back, this version of the Air is more stable thanks to stiffer front and rear springs, stiffer bushings, and revised damper settings. “Last year, Lucid rocked the world with the launch of Lucid Air, a fusion of unsurpassed range, efficiency, superior driving dynamics, and interior space, uniquely electric,” says the company. “Today, we go to the next logical level with the launch of the Sapphire line. The first Lucid product to carry the Sapphire moniker is the Lucid Air Sapphire, which relies on our technical prowess to elevate electric high-performance.”

In addition to other minor adjustments like bigger rear wheel arches and a rear spoiler, this version of the electric four-door will feature a distinctive Sapphire Blue exterior color.

The sedan’s interior will have Mojave darkwood veneers on the doors and dashboard, along with 18-way power sport seats covered in black leather with Sapphire Blue contrast stitching and black Alcantara microsuede. Alcantara trim in black will be used to accent the steering wheel and headliner.

Additionally, Lucid refers to Sapphire as a brand rather than a nameplate and mentions a dedicated performance division that will provide the fastest and most potent variations of its upcoming vehicles. Speaking of performance, Lucid has not yet determined how big of a penalty there will be on a full charge for this version of the Air’s ability to produce more than 1200 hp.

Another way to look at this is that individuals who lavishly invested in the Air Dream edition may soon see something much more potent and special overshadow their vehicles.

This uniqueness and performance will not come at a low cost. The Air Sapphire will cost $249,000, which is a significant increase above the already pricey Air Dream model. And will those who choose this model be able to tell 1200 horsepower from 1050 horsepower?

According to Rawlinson, “Sapphire symbolizes the peak of electric performance, finally obtaining the performance I’ve so long sought after.” I am able to confirm Lucid Air Sapphire has attained a satisfactory performance after arduous development effort, and I trust the most discriminating drivers will agree.

In 2023, the Sapphire, a model with a limited run, is anticipated to arrive in Canada and the US. Lucid did not specify how restricted it would be, though.

In terms of production, Lucid was forced to lower its 2022 target for a second time this year and now anticipates producing only 6000–7000 vehicles until the end of the year, as opposed to the 20,000 units it had originally anticipated. In the second quarter of 2022, the business only shipped 679 sedans, citing supply-chain issues.