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Madden Slider is essential for players to be a champion It can help players control the game much easier than using traditional gameplay controls

Always take the safe route.



Even without taking into account the possibility of an interception or fumble, moving down a football field is difficult enough. Avoiding the latter isn’t always simple, especially with Madden 23’s hit stick in play. Users can try to prevent the dreaded blunder by sliding, though. Slides can be quite helpful for quarterbacks, particularly when those players don’t usually have the finest carrying statistics in the game.

So, in Madden NFL 23, how do you slide? Let’s discuss what you must do.

Madden 23 slithering techniques

It’s important to know how to slide in Madden 23, especially if you’re utilizing a mobile quarterback like Jalen Hurts or Lamar Jackson. The reason is that a slide will stop the play, but it will allow for gaining an extra yard or two, preventing a fumble, and guaranteeing that the offense retains possession.

You should tap X for Xbox or Square for PlayStation while on the field and with the ball in your hands. This should stop the slide animation and force you to surrender.

The open space component is what we want to stress. This is because it is more difficult to get the animation off if you try to slide with a defender directly in front of you or behind you. This can result in a defender still hitting you, which might result in a fumble.

Simply ensure that there is some space between the ball handler, in this example the quarterback, and a defender to ensure a successful slide. If you do this, everything should go without a hitch.