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Major League baseball star, Francisco Lindor, is a big reason behind the Mets’ success

Francisco Lindor, the Mets’ $341 million man, is thriving in Year 2 of his 10-year deal and is proving why he was worth the big investment.



Andrew Miller, a pitcher he played with on the Cleveland Guardians, with instilling in him early on the value of thorough preparation.

‘I asked him why he was doing it,’ Lindor remarked. Miller remarked, “I’ve got to study; I’ve got to prepare myself so that I can do the best that I can. Every time I go out there, I can’t just take a chance. The advice was taken to heart, and

Daniel Vogelbach has been impressed by Lindor’s leadership in just 15 games with the blue and orange since he was traded before the trade deadline from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The way he leads and the leader he is in the clubhouse and on the field are “the stuff (people) don’t see on a daily basis,” Vogelbach said. It’s monumental for us.

Luis Guillorme, an infielder, agreed, praising Lindor’s timing.

Guillorme says, “He knows when to talk.”

The right time to assist is always apparent to him. He is always ready to lend a hand to whoever needs it. So that’s probably one side that people overlook.

They have noticed Lindor’s hard work ethic, just like their manager has.

Vogelbach praised the tireless worker, saying, “He’s always out there, never takes days off and those are the guys you want to get behind.”

Moving from Cleveland to a major market has been a challenge for Lindor.

The shortstop speculated that the two might be related. The guys and the coaches have taught me a lot, and the energy from the fans has been great, so I know I’m lucky.

Originally published in USA TODAY, the article states, New York mentality: The $341 million shortstop Francisco Lindor is a major factor in the Mets’ success.