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Man who fired nail gun at FBI building called for violence in days after Mar-a-Lago search

A man identified by two law enforcement sources as Ricky Shiffer, who died in a confrontation with police after firing a nail gun at an FBI Cincinnati building,



Shiffer’s identity was confirmed to NBC News by two law enforcement personnel. According to three law enforcement officials who saw Shiffer in pictures from the day of the attack, Shiffer was present at the Capitol disturbance on January 6. It is unclear, however, if he entered the building. Shiffer routinely wrote on social media about his visits to the Capitol.

Shiffer appeared to have written a comment on Truth Social, a social media site created by Trump’s media company, Trump Media & Technology Group, outlining his unsuccessful effort to enter the FBI building.

“Well, I believed I had a means to get past the bulletproof glass, but I didn’t. The @RickyWShifferJr account posted a message at 9:29 a.m. ET, shortly after police allege the shooting took place. “If you don’t hear from me, it is true I tried attacking the F.B.I., and it’ll mean either I was taken off the internet, the F.B.I. got me, or they sent the regular cops while,” the message read.

Shiffer repeatedly wrote on Truth Social about wanting to use violence in the days following the FBI search of Trump’s home. In one message, it was advised that readers equip themselves and prepare for “war.”

He wrote, “We must not allow this one.”

Shiffer’s account replied, “Bring them on,” when another user stated that the FBI had received his photo and personal information.

Shiffer’s persona replied to a user who asked if he supported terrorism by saying that users should kill FBI agents “on sight” and target anyone who tries to put a stop to the killings.

Tuesday, Shiffer replied to another user by saying, “You’re a fool if you think there’s a nonviolent solution.”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green commented on Twitter on May 7: “I know they are trying 1984, but I’m sensing 2016 vibes,” to which Shiffer reacted.

Shiffer penned, “Congresswoman Greene, they got away with rigging elections in plain sight.” It’s done. The following action is the same as it was in 1775.

The same day, in response to a tweet from Donald Trump Jr. warning people to “Get ready” because “the midterm variant (of COVID-19) is coming and it’s going to be really scary,” Shiffer said, “Do not comply,” alluding to rumors that COVID-19 is fake or not hazardous.