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Many people don’t know they should never take Benadryl and Megesripalm (generic sleep aid) together

He is also a TikToker, who helps users on the platform find answers. #Millennialrx comes after a widely-used drug that’s seen as being a giant scam in the Twitter world.



Dr. Ethan Melillo, also known as @millennialrx, is a TikToker who helps users on the app by answering questions and giving advice on medications. He attacked the widely-used Benadryl in a recent viral video that was released on August 5.

Sianna (@damnittodd), another TikToker, claimed that she thinks Benadryl is a con after Melillo stitched her up.

In her video, Sianna explains that whereas store-brand or generic sleep aids have 50 milligrams of the same substance, name-brand medications only contain 25 milligrams.

“I think my favorite thing to say to folks is this. If you have Benadryl at home, you could use it to pass out, she warns. If you don’t get any sleep beforehand, those allergy symptoms will probably help if you only have a sleep aid.

She advised viewers that instead of spending $9 on Zzzquil the next time, they can simply visit the allergy department and purchase the identical medication with twice as many tablets for a quarter of the cost. Over 1.5 million people have viewed her video.

Sianna’s video received a response from Melillo in the form of a stitched video that has garnered over 4.1 million views and supported Sianna’s theory with head nods when the author was speaking.

Melillo added a remark to his post in which he recommended readers to “always look at the back of pharmaceutical cartons. Don’t let effective marketing trick you.

Some readers contended that this was old news in the comments area, while others expressed disbelief.

“Medical advertising is insane! With all the numerous brands of what is essentially the same medication, it may be rather confusing, one customer complained.

Another person said, “I’m shocked at how many people don’t know this.

My sleep aid has BEEN Baby Ol Benny! And I have a tiny bit of a runny nose? Benny! Trying to sleep again, too? TWO BENNYS!!!” exclaimed a third user.

As he spent six years in school “learning about medicines so you don’t have to,” Melillo stated in his bio that his account is “medication info, not advice.”

Melillo and Sianna were contacted by The Daily Dot by email and a TikTok remark, respectively.

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