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Many people go about their lives without realizing just how many fentanyl seizures are happening on a daily basis

“Fentanyl seizures were up 203% at the southern border,” according to Senator Marsha Blackburn in a tweet on Tuesday.



In response to a revelation that fentanyl seizures at the country’s southern border had increased, Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn made a comment that sparked a variety of jokes and bewilderment on social media.

Blackburn stated in a tweet on Tuesday that fentanyl seizures at the southern border increased by 203% from June to July. “Biden’s open border is destroying your neighborhood.”

Seizures of fentanyl increased by 203% from June to July at the southern border. Biden’s open border is harming your neighborhood. Marsha Blackburn, a senator (@MarshaBlackburn) 16 August 2022

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection monthly operational bulletin for July 2022, which highlighted the rise in drug seizures at the country’s border, was released soon before Blackburn’s tweet.

“Air and Marine Operations agents, Border Patrol agents, and CBP officials continue to stop the flow of illegal drugs across the border. Drug seizures by weight (including cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl, and marijuana) decreased 1% nationwide in July compared to June “indicated the statement. “Fentanyl seizures climbed 203 percent,” it was said.

Several social media users made jokes in response to Blackburn’s tweet shortly after it was posted and expressed perplexity regarding her criticism of the seizures.

Philly Fan posted on Twitter, “”Seizures” are beneficial. To the @CBP men and women, keep up the fantastic work! We value your help.”

Curt Koble, a user on Twitter, stated “Say what? We took the medications away. superb work”

Say what? We took the medications away. Wonderful work, says Curt Koble (@ckoble01) 16 August 2022

Scott Brailey, another Twitter user, asked, “So you mean it’s working if seizures were higher.”

Gail Helt, a user on Twitter, wrote: “It seems positive that there were drug seizures at the border. Drugs are kept out of Tennessee communities by seizures.”

In response to Blackburn’s message, Twitter user eaglehound84 shared a gif of well-known actor James Franco.

CBP data indicates that 702 pounds of fentanyl were found at the country’s borders in June. Contrarily, border patrol agents confiscated more than 2,100 pounds in July, demonstrating the rise that Blackburn indicated. According to CBP data, 146 fentanyl seizures occurred in July compared to 113 in June.

Following a significant fentanyl seizure, the Republican Party likewise received similar backlash on Twitter for a tweet that questioned Biden’s border strategy. The GOP Twitter account tweeted that “621 pounds of lethal fentanyl was captured at the southern border alone in June.”

Many people responded to the tweet by stating that drug seizures are beneficial for the country.

“Once more, the keyword is used. It is nice to be seized. What specific aspect of seized do you not understand?” Posted Gary on Twitter.

In a similar vein, Mary Trump, the niece of former President Donald Trump, questioned, “Do they not understand how this works?”

Newsweek contacted Blackburn’s office for more information.

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