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Maren Morris recording herself singing the song “Wicked”

Morris submitted her self-tape for the Broadway revival in May.



The Broadway dreams of Maren Morris are about to come true! The 32-year-old country music icon said on Thursday that she received a callback for Wicked after submitting her self-tape.

On her Instagram Stories, she posted in green letters, “I received a callback for Wicked. “I’m crying,” What the hell,” she said before putting a witch hat emoji as her final word.

The singer of “The Bones” posted a series of tearful videos on her Instagram to show her followers her close-up reaction. She cried as she wore sunglasses and stated, “Ya’ll, I literally don’t even care — yes I do — if I get past this callback.”

Because Maren, a 14-year-old, is doing something that, in her opinion, was never within reach and therefore never felt conceivable.

She went on, “I want to thank you for traveling with me on this voyage. We’ll see how it develops. Simply put, I’m quite delighted. I cherish Wicked. I cherish Elphaba. Kristin Chenoweth is wonderful. I appreciate you encouraging me to get my act together and submit the self-tape, Kristin.

Before replying, “I don’t know what to say,” Morris choked up a little more.

I got a callback for Wicked, the singer of “My Church,” tweeted in addition to sharing the good news. I’m crying now. Why the heck not?

Chenoweth, who portrayed Glinda in the original Wicked Broadway musical, responded to the information. “Good job, baby! You could do it, I told you. Xoxooxo.

Morris initially expressed in May her wish to try out for the stage production’s resurrection. The GRAMMY-winning singer released a portion of her audition self-video with her followers a week after announcing that she was sending in an audition tape and informing one of her followers that she “identifies highly as an Elphaba.”

You go, baby! I knew you could handle it! xoxooxo @KChenoweth, Kristin Chenoweth 11 August 2022

Morris wrote, “Test shot for my self tape audition.” The theater, darling, is exiting. Sincerely, even if I don’t win the role, this was so much fun, and I even bought a backdrop off of Amazon.

Morris discussed the distinction between practicing for the stage and her personal singing in a series of subsequent tweets. Additionally, I can belt out my own songs, though not often. I’ve noticed that in two songs, Elphie switches from falsetto to full voice inside the same syllable.

She says, “INTG and No Good Deed. I am capable of doing it technically, but the thought of doing it 8 times per week is intimidating!”

For my self-tape audition, a practice run. The THEATRE dah-ling is LEAVING the building. Even if I don’t win the part, I have to admit that this was a ton of fun, and I even bought a backdrop off of Amazon. @MarenMorris, MAREN MORRIS May 22, 2022

The “Chasing After You” singer told ET in May that Chenoweth had pushed her to try out for the play after Morris had told her about her Broadway ambitions.

This week, I tweeted that I was going to make and audition tape to be in Wicked or in the Broadway production of Wicked, and she replied with, “You’ve got this. I have faith in your abilities. We’ll see, then. Who knows,” the country singer-songwriter remarked to ET.

Morris continued, “It’s a wild guess, but I think I would make a decent Elphaba for a while. I wouldn’t make the show look bad. I would perish.

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