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Marvel’s Avengers manages to beat Destiny in one key area

Marvel’s Avengers is one of the most successful Crystal Dynamics titles, because it prominently features the Live-Service model.



Even the game’s most devoted fans might find fault with Marvel’s Avengers when stacked up against rival live-service titles. However, the game does well in some respects when compared to others in the genre, most notably when contrasted with the loot-based leveling found in games like Destiny 2.

Marvel’s Avengers excels in the department of offering a substantial amount of content that can be played through without the need for other players. Ability to play solo may seem like a trivial feature for a multiplayer game, but it can have a significant impact on a player’s enjoyment of any live-service game.

The Single-Player Strategy of Marvel’s Avengers

The emphasis on single-player begins at the very beginning of the first campaign, which may seem odd for a game advertised as a live-service, multiplayer title where fans may join together in groups of up to four heroes. Despite being the game’s prologue, the Reassemble Campaign allows for only a handful of online co-op missions. However, there is a significant amount of content designed to be played solo, and it’s not just the tutorial or the story.

The Last Avenger Standing Hive Gauntlet, a mission type playable entirely solo, is one of the most spectacular examples of high-level solo content in Marvel’s Avengers. Marvel’s Avengers has a high-level hive that won’t assist players reach the current maximum power, but it’s a terrific test of ability if you’re only using basic AI friends. Players can put their talents to the test in more ways than just the pre-made gauntlets by creating their own HARM Room challenges.

Even if you’re not up for the game’s more difficult solo missions, practically every other objective may be tackled on your own. Any mission in Marvel’s Avengers can be taken on single or with a group, with the exception of the initial Raid and Omega-Level threats. As a result, players can enjoy the vast majority of the game’s content without relying on matching or friends being online, regardless of the type of experience they’re seeking.

The Dependence on Multiplayer Found in Some Other Live-Service Games

Games that follow the live-service paradigm, in contrast to Marvel’s Avengers, often place a premium on multiplayer to the point that completing significant portions of the game requires the assistance of other players. Destiny 2 stands out among its rivals because of how much it relies on multiplayer for players to access higher-level content and gain certain pieces of equipment. This is the case for a number of exotics, the most prominent example being the Whisper of the Worm, which could only be obtained in the pre-Beyond Light era by completing the hidden Whisper quest.

And that’s without even mentioning the greatest possible score in a live-service game, which is why a number of these tasks were designed for several players. The raids in Destiny 2 are the most thrilling parts of the game since they require a group of players to coordinate their efforts to achieve a common objective. Even though it would be beneficial to have matchmaking available during raids, Bungie has been reluctant to implement it due to the complexity of the material.

The finest parts of Destiny 2 are only accessible through multiplayer, and the game’s absence of matchmaking makes them even less accessible to single players. If you want to play the most challenging and rewarding content in Destiny 2, such Grandmaster Nightfall and the raids, you’ll need to coordinate your schedules with other players or look for a group via the game’s online communities. Unfortunately, if you don’t already have buddies that are frequently able to challenge these encounters each week, filling out a raid party might be tough due to the requirements for good gear or high levels.

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A team of four players is still required for a few activities in the current edition of Marvel’s Avengers, outside of the material designed for solo play. The current top-tier offerings include the Marvel Avengers assignment Discordant Sound Raid and the Omega-level Threat mission Family Reunion. Even while Discordant Sound isn’t quite as good as Last Wish, Deep Stone Crypt, or Vault of Glass, it’s certainly the best illustration of the high-quality material that keeps players engaged in live-service games until the very end.

When compared to the more complex content of the competition, the initial raid in Marvel’s Avengers may seem easy, but it still bears all the hallmarks of an activity that takes a high degree of skill and coordination. As such, Discordant Sound is analogous to the cooperative tasks that games like Bungie could have required numerous players to accomplish, but did so without the use of an automated matchmaking system. Crystal Dynamics, the game’s developer, appears dedicated to ensuring that even the most challenging activities are accessible to all players and that matchmaking is possible.

With the game’s foundation now free-to-play, gathering a group of friends to play Destiny 2 may be less of a hassle than it once was, but progressing through the game’s high-level content may still be challenging. The looter, though, is almost as accessible as other live-service competitors given that Marvel’s Avengers is on PS Plus Extra and on Xbox Game Pass. This means that players can arrange a time to play with friends or go straight into the highest-level portions of the game by themselves, as Marvel’s Avengers can be enjoyed as either a multiplayer or solo experience.

In the end, the superior choice between these two games, both of which are designed to make players spend hundreds of hours into them, may have less to do with gameplay itself and more to do with potential. Although Marvel’s Avengers offers a more comprehensive experience overall, it is better suited for those who can dedicate more time to the game and can dedicate more time to jumping in alone and completing a few daily activities. However, when it comes to actual gameplay, it all boils down to personal preference: would you rather employ Destiny 2’s potent guns or the melee attacks of the Marvel’s Avengers?

Currently, you can get Marvel’s Avengers on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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