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Meet Maharashtra’s doctor couple who prevented over 5,000 snakebite deaths, busted entire village’s myths

“Today, no one from the region goes to a faith healer. Whenever a person suffers a snakebite, he/she is either taken to the district hospital or brought to our facility,” Dr Raut said. He said they have been creating awareness among people that prevention is the key to avoiding snakebite incidents.



After four hours of being bitten by a snake, Kakade was taken to the hospital. His vital signs were rapidly deteriorating; he had a weak pulse, his blood pressure was dropping, and he was vomiting and having loose bowel movements.

“His organs failed and he fought for 20 days. Such criticism was not new to us. We began anti-venom therapy, and he soon got better “According to Dr. Raut.

Dr. Raut said that he underwent 16 dialysis treatments and numerous blood transfusions.

Kakade said, “If it weren’t for Dr. Raut, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Dengle reported that she had a healthy girl and named her “Pranali,” from the Sanskrit words for “life” (Pran) and “aali” (a girl) after recovering from the snakebite (return).

Medical officer Dr. Mahesh Gude from the government-run Sub Divisional Hospital in Manchar has said that due to the high volume of snakebite cases, Dr. Raut and his team have provided training and assistance to the SDH’s medical staff.

Dr. Gude has said that with his assistance, the hospital can save the lives of many snakebite victims.

Medical superintendent Dr. Manohar Bansode of a government hospital in Thane district estimated that between 500 and 600 cases of snakebite were reported annually in their region due to its large tribal population.

“To better prepare our medical staff to deal with snakebites, we contacted Dr. Raut. Today, our medical staff can handle these situations with ease, “In his words.