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Merrick Garland will prove himself through his actions as nominee

Most of the comments made by Garland were not meaningful and could not serve as an example of his credibility.



pushed for the raid and requested a complete ban on releases of the affidavit, however, in order to be proactive rather than reactive to this situation.

It is evident that Garland’s “believe us” campaign hasn’t done much to allay doubts. Given the Crossfire Hurricane fiasco and the fact that this probe is being handled by the same division, that does seem almost laughable to many people.

Although the raid has already pushed many on both sides of the political spectrum to the brink, transparency on the search may force some DOJ employees outside of their comfort zones. The “civil war is here,” according to one MSNBC presenter, while a surprising Rasmussen survey found that 46% of Americans now have a negative opinion of the FBI and 53% think the Biden administration is misusing it. Even if Rasmussen tends to the right, those figures most certainly reflect the opinions of many of the more than 74 million Americans who supported Trump in the 2020 election.

Garland hasn’t done anything to win the confidence of nearly half the population thus far. He has demanded respect in this and other situations but has declined to do anything to earn it.

At George Washington University, Jonathan Turley holds the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law title. Follow him @JonathanTurley on Twitter.

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