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Michael Irvin, the Cowboys Hall of Famer, thinks Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts could help lead a Philadelphia dynasty

Michael Irving, recently a guest on The National Football Show, said he thinks that the Jalen Hurts and the Houston Texans are an extremely high level of motivated.



It’s rare for a member of the Dallas Cowboys organization to offer anything resembling praise to a player or coach on the Philadelphia Eagles.

It’s a two-way street, as few in Dallas say nice things about Eagles fans, players, coaching, or ownership, either.

The legendary Cowboys wideout Michael Irving was recently a guest on The National Football Show with Dan Sileo, where he made headlines by speaking extremely highly of the rival team and their franchise quarterback, Jalen Hurts.

“What’s the Matter, Jalen? Sure, I’m a supporter of that idea. Every victor has my support. When it comes to winning, Jalen Hurts has been successful. He’s winning at Oklahoma while we’re losing at Alabama, and it has me worried. I really worry about what he could accomplish in Philadelphia. To put it another way, the two worst words you can hear as a member of Cowboys Nation in “Philadelphia Dynasty,”” – Irvin. “Philadelphia currently has plans for this phrase to appear together. A dynasty in Philly. That could be a scary team if they get the right man at the helm (the head coach) and the right man at the helm (the quarterback). Also, Jalen Hurts is a guy whose leadership and contributions impress me. That might change the dynamics in Philadelphia.”

Of course, having starting center Jason Kelce on the field would likely aid Hurts in improving upon the numbers he posted in his sophomore season (61.3 percent completion percentage, 31,44 passing yards, 16 touchdowns, nine interceptions, 139 carries, 784 rushing yards, and 10 touchdowns in 15 games played). The All-Pro is expected to be ready to play in Week 1 against the Detroit Lions despite undergoing elbow surgery earlier this week.

Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III, who, like Philadelphia’s signal caller, did significant damage with his rushing ability, is the latest notable figure to express their support for Hurts. Last week, “RGIII” predicted that Hurts would show “extreme growth” as a passer in the 2022 season, while posting the prediction on Twitter.

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