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Michelle Monaghan discusses her role in the film, Erased

Michelle Monaghan talks about her role in Netflix’s “Echoes.”



In Netflix’s Echoes, Michelle Monaghan is experimenting with playing two roles at once. The twin sisters Leni and Gina are the focus of the limited series as they surreptitiously switch lives every year since they were young, only for it to be upended when one of them goes missing.

Matt Bomer, Daniel Sunjata, Ali Stroker, Karen Robinson, Rosanny Zayas, Michael O’Neill, Celia Weston, Gable Swanlund, and Jonathan Tucker are all featured in the Echoes cast in addition to Monaghan.

In advance of the series’ debut, Screen Rant sat down with star Michelle Monaghan to talk about Echoes, getting sucked into the complex drama, dealing with portraying two characters, and other topics.

Screen Rant: Echoes is a tremendously complex little show. What exactly about it made you want to participate in it?

Its complexities, for sure, Michelle Monaghan When I thought I had everything figured out after watching the first three episodes of Brian Yorkey on Netflix, I read the final five pages and had a “Oh, whoa” moment. After reading the second and third episodes, I suddenly felt compelled to take action.

Simply put, it was a challenge I had never taken on before. It’s tremendously ambitious, and it terrified me to death. I responded “yes,” and then I was like, “Oh no, hold on. Now I have to actually accomplish this.” I just adored how binge-worthy the show was and how the twins were incorporated.

The twins, to use one example, are both unique and similar. How did you actually discover their distinctive personalities?

Said Michelle Monaghan That’s a fantastic question because, despite the great closeness that they share—as so many twins do—I really needed to distinguish between the two. I started with the fundamental trauma of losing their mother at such a young age. Both girls have different recollections of that encounter and what actually happened, and I used their individual truths—or assumed truths—to shape the personas they developed and to define their distinctive physical, emotional, and mental characteristics.

Then there are, of course, other factors that greatly influenced them as they underwent other traumas throughout their lives. But that was actually the starting point. Once I started to feel somewhat at ease in their skin, it was really just a matter of carrying it out on camera and switching between characters; playing both sides and coordinating the time, motion-caption control, and acting both sides. That entire list of skills was brand-new to me.

Was there ever a time when filming this when you felt lost in who you were intended to be, given that most films don’t shoot in chronological order?

Michelle Monaghan: Without a doubt. [Chuckles] I jokingly say that I spent somewhere between $2 and $300 on office supplies at Staples because of the quantity of highlighters, post-it notes, markers, and different colored pencils that I purchased. My script was a complete disaster. if I misplaced it Without having that with me always, I would have been absolutely lost. I could have easily become disoriented.

It was obviously a lot to handle, and we shot two episodes at a time, totally not in order of airing. But at the end of the day, I believe we succeeded.

Synopsis of Echoes

A frightening secret is shared by Leni and Gina, two identical twins who are the subjects of the mystery/thriller Echoes. Leni and Gina have been covertly switching lives since they were little. Now that they are adults, they share two homes, two husbands, and a child. However, everything in their carefully orchestrated world is upended when one of the sisters goes missing.

Netflix is now streaming Echos.