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Michelle Pfeiffer shows just how nice of a person she is by posting this profile pic

Take a view of her stunning bare faced selfie.



Have a look at her gorgeous mug shot.

In a recent Instagram selfie, Michelle Pfieffer appeared to be completely makeup-free, proving once again that she is virtually ageless.

The 64-year-old woman posted the picture to Instagram on Wednesday, flaunting her flawless complexion in its natural state.

In addition to showing off her flawless complexion, the Dangerous Liaisons star also reminded her followers about the upcoming midterm elections.

Pfeiffer started his message with, “Hi everybody.” “Can you believe there are only three months left until Election Day in the United States?

The actress then urged her followers to volunteer at polling places, calling them “essential” to a fair election.

“Think about getting involved to help change that!” she urged in the caption. “For this reason, everyone here is committed to… It’s #pollworkerrecruitmentday, so let’s #PowerThePolls together!”

A hat reading “I Heart Poll Workers” was also being worn by the Batman Returns actor.

Pfeiffer isn’t just vocal about doing her civic duty; she also advocates for natural and organic cosmetics.

She had previously mentioned her interest in natural cosmetics in a 2019 interview with Oprah’s website, stating that motherhood sparked her curiosity in the topic.

When you have children, you see the world through their eyes and all you want to do is protect them, so you develop a more preventative approach to health care.

Henry Rose, her line of perfumes, is named after her pet philosophy and boasts “full ingredient transparency.”

Since she couldn’t find a perfume whose ingredients she felt safe using, she resorted to making her own. “In life, one shouldn’t perpetually have to pick and choose between security and superiority. Both are necessary for you.”

Pfeiffer has also shared her secret beauty ritual that has kept her skin looking fresh for decades.

She said, “I cleanse, I moisturize—it,” that’s adding that she’s used the same products for more than a decade.

Even with minimal effort, she manages to look stunning.

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