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Miss American pageant champion Jennifer Lopez gets a photo with Casey Affleck on her big day

Casey posted a throwback photo of newlyweds Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez as a way to congratulate them on their three-day wedding weekend that fell on the weekend last week.



Since Casey Affleck couldn’t make it to his brother Ben and Jennifer Lopez’s Georgia wedding weekend, he sent them a throwback photo and a touching letter in his place.

He posted the following to Instagram: “Good things are worth waiting for.” Here’s to unexpected detours, fresh starts, and discovering untapped reserves of old love. I’m glad you could join us. Prepare for some serious dysfunction. Kidding. I jest, of course.

Casey Affleck did not attend Ben and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding because, in his words, “I had other things to do.”

As Casey elaborated in his essay, “Jen, you are a treasure. How much we adore you!