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MJB posted a series of professionally and unnaturally-taken pics of her sizzling abs in a bikini

“All Hail Queen Mary ship meets tonight.”



Mary J. Blige, the ever-iconic singer, recently posted some seriously epic photos to Instagram, in which she can be seen posing in a string bikini while floating on a boat.

The 51-year-old singer looked incredibly fit, with toned abs and thighs.

Mary places a strong emphasis on self-love and isn’t a fan of calorie counting or other forms of self-denial.

When I saw Mary J. Blige’s most recent bikini photo, she was on a boat in Capri, and I immediately started singing “Good Morning Gorgeous!” Not at all, but in all seriousness.

The 51-year-old singer/songwriter posted a photo of herself in an orange string bikini, and it’s amazing in every way (she’s toned AF, for one thing). Mary wore a bikini that revealed her long blonde hair and paired it with large silver hoops.

Mary captioned the image, “Summer Time Fly……….” That she is, I can attest.

Mary’s followers chimed in as well, showering the star with accolades. One user exclaimed, “My Lord!!!!!!!!!” “Sheesh killing it,” said another. And there were way too many flaming emoticons for anyone to count them all.

You wouldn’t be the only one interested in Mary’s recent improvement in physical health and fitness. In recent years, the “Be Without You” singer has been relatively tight-lipped about her health and fitness routine, but she has left a few hints for those of us hoping to replicate her results at home.

Mary told Health magazine in 2020 that she likes to keep things simple and enjoys weight lifting. I prefer a certain physical appearance. Therefore, I must act as necessary,” Mary explained. I put in a lot of time at the gym lifting heavy things. She also seems to enjoy working up a sweat with her pals, which serves the dual purpose of firming everything up and providing social bonding opportunities. She showed herself working out alongside Gabrielle Union and Tracee Ellis Ross in 2019. A perfect hang, if you ask me. If you need a fourth girl, I’m right here!

Mary doesn’t follow a particularly strict diet, but she does make sure to get plenty of protein, as she explained to Health. And she also regularly consumes a green juice.

Since I was a little kid, I’ve always liked eating my vegetables. My go-to guilty pleasure is a Coke float made with vanilla ice cream and Coke. Mary suggested, “Or a fudge cupcake.”

Mary’s path to self-love, however, is not confined to the confines of the gym. Health reported that she does positive self-talk exercises in front of the mirror. To learn to do that is to learn to embrace and love oneself, to say, “You know what? Greetings, Mary. Gorgeous, you are the reason I live. Sweetheart, you are beautiful to me. Smart Woman, you have my undying adoration. “I love you, Talented Woman,” she declared. Every day, I go through that routine.

Mary revealed to E! Online that her recent divorce triggered a lifetime of insecurity about her physical attractiveness.

“Imagine going through life as a teenager not feeling beautiful, feeling none of that, or believing none of that, and then getting married and the person destroying you completely,” she said. But it’s me or them, and I’m not going to let them destroy me, so I’ll look for something else to help me, and those words did.

Mary, that is so lovely. I hope the best for you!

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