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Monsoon rains will contribute to the looming flash flooding threat

Monsoon rains are causing a threat to flash flooding to linger over a large swath of the Western U.S. after several flooding events overnight.



Threats of flash flooding persist over much of the Western United States due to persistent monsoon rains.

Moab, Utah, experienced street flooding that reached businesses and mud that piled up against storefronts as a result of flash flood events reported over the desert Southwest Saturday night into Sunday morning.

More than a hundred people were forced to be evacuated from Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico after being trapped for hours due to flooded roads.

On Sunday morning, flood warnings affected more than 12 million people from Arizona to Louisiana.

The parched ground reacts like concrete to the sudden influx of rain due to the ongoing drought in the area.

Wildfire danger is rising further west as a result of the megadrought and record heat.

The Pacific Northwest is still experiencing persistent dry conditions and high temperatures. Fire weather watches have been issued for parts of Oregon and Washington where there is a high risk of lightning strikes, and a rapidly expanding wildfire has broken out in Northern California’s Klamath National Forest.

On the same day, record high temperatures were also reached in Sacramento (106 degrees) and Redding (110 degrees) in the state’s southern region.

On Sunday, the region will see more of the same scorching weather.