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More than 10 best couch co-op games on PS5

Check out this list of ten great couch co-op games on the PS5.



Despite the fact that most people play video games alone, it’s great when you find one that the whole family can enjoy together. There are times when you want to impress your friends with your gaming skills, and other times when you just want to have a good time with your pals.

The best times ever can be had in a cooperative game, or they can be the worst nightmare ever. Games can be played remotely over the internet, locally with an additional controller or by taking turns at the keyboard. On the same PS5 couch, you and your friends can enjoy some of the best games on this list.

10/10 No Easy Ways

In No Straight Roads, you play as Mayday or Zuke, two members of the band Bunk Bed Junction, and engage in rhythmic exploration and combat against each other. You’ll be battling other bands all over Vinyl City as you play.

As you gain more followers, your character’s abilities will level up and new areas of the skill tree will become available. You can modify your character’s abilities to fit your playstyle, or you can strengthen both of them to give you more room for creative interaction. This game has a lot going for it, so get ready to jam.

9 out of 10 Georifters

Georifters is one of the cooperative games that isn’t about working together, as it’s a 2D platformer that also features a knockdown, dragout fight. The same tools you use to manipulate the world can be used to help you solve puzzles or to torment your friends. When your pals are yelling at you to do better, you know the victory is that much sweeter.

The clay-like art style is cute, and it’s fun to make your own unique character. Pick your favorite foundation and customize it to your heart’s content. Create disorder in vogue and differentiate yourself from your teammates so you don’t sabotage your own chances of victory.

8 out of 10 Stack Up! It will pile up, box by box. It’s time to unwind and figure things out, box by box. In spite of its single-player mode, this game is ideal for co-op play due to the lack of direct conflict. Collect items and advance through the game by coordinating with your fellow players and the various in-game elements.

If you complete a level’s puzzles and then want to go back and look for things you missed, you won’t have to redo any of the work you’ve already put in. In addition to the main game, you can play arcade-style minigames and dress up your cardboard box in a variety of unique outfits. You get to take the role of a box, that’s right!

0.7/10 Cuphead

Now that its downloadable content (DLC) and animated series (Cuphead: The Series) have been released, Cuphead is once again receiving widespread attention. This contemporary game feels rooted in the past thanks to its run-and-gun gameplay and its cartoony visuals reminiscent of the 20th century. The game’s overworld and its emphasis on fighting bosses will transport you back to the earliest days of gaming.

If the game’s large bosses scare you, try the two-player mode with a friend. Having a pal there to yell at each other and the game is a great way to relieve tension and have fun. You should verify that your pal enjoys healthy rivalry before you start.

Stickfight, 6 out of 10

It’s just part of being human that sometimes we get knocked down by physics. Stickfight is a fighting game in which you must learn to exploit the game’s physics mechanics before they can be used against you. Transform into a stick figure and face off against your loved ones to see who has the best fighting skills.

There are fast-paced battles, countless levels, and a wide variety of weapons to choose from. You can adapt to your surroundings and use them to your advantage, or you can simply avoid falling victim to them. One strategy is to outlive everyone else, while another is to crush one’s opponents with overwhelming might.

5/10 The World Is Saved By Nobody

In this world, you amount to nothing. I kid you not! In this game, you take on the role of Nobody, a nebulous figure with no backstory or identifying characteristics. You’ll be able to assume any form you want as you explore, giving you an edge over the many challenges and quests dotted about this vividly colored world.

By combining your skills, planning which forms to take, or just goofing off with a friend, you’ll discover new strategies for completing the game’s many levels in cooperative play. This is a versatile game that can be enjoyed with a wide range of people and is thus ideal for a group gathering.

4/10 The Incredible Sack-Boy Adventure

The ability to alter one’s character’s appearance is, without a doubt, the best feature of this game. In reality, the gameplay itself is just as entertaining as creating and recreating your Sacksona by acquiring new skins and costume pieces. The level design is stunning, and it uses the story’s own devices to achieve that.

Join forces with a friend (or three) to take on the levels head-to-head or in a cooperative effort. Collaborate to achieve the level objectives, and then check the leaderboard to see who led the way. You can use any means necessary, including but not limited to, tossing each other, distracting enemies, and punching your friend in the face, to gain possession of the trophy. During play. In real life, you shouldn’t hit your pals.

There was only a 3/10 thunderclap

In Soundfall, a musical dungeon crawler, the Composers have entrusted you with the responsibility of protecting the land of Symphonia from the forces of Discord by assuming the role of Guardian of Harmony. It was a lot of words, and we all knew composers were special, but still.

The gameplay is timed and consists of looting, shooting, and generally destroying the environment as you move forward in the game world. Although it comes with hundreds of original songs, you can import your own music to create a one-of-a-kind experience, whether you’re playing solo or with friends.

2/10 Romantics in a Perilous Dimension

Prepare the troops! Master the ship’s controls! Stroke the alien! Wait, what? You can play Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime with up to three other people, or you can play solo with an adorable pet creature controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence.

Each playthrough is unique thanks to the randomly generated levels, and you can adjust the characteristics of your spaceship to suit your playstyle. The controls are intuitive and simple to learn, but the game’s true difficulty lies in coordinating with your teammates to eliminate alien threats without colliding with orbiting debris.

1/10 KeyWe\sKey

Playing We can help you develop your interpersonal skills. In this co-op video game, you and a friend play as two Kiwis who have just landed jobs at a Post Office staffed by cassowaries, an octopus, and a guy who seems to be taking it all in stride. The levels start out simple as you’re getting the hang of each new facet of the job, but pretty soon it’s all sandstorms and flooding in the mailrooms.

The excellent cooperative gameplay alone would be enough to convince you to give this game a shot, but if you save up enough in-game currency, find enough collectibles, and complete enough “overtime” levels, you can personalize your adorable kiwis to your heart’s content. It really has everything you could want from a co-op puzzle game.

Published first on DualShockers, this article by Madeline Virtue lists the top 10 couch co-op games for the PlayStation 5.