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More than 150 dogs have been rescued from hoarding in the Arizona desert

Rescuers say they’ve never heard of a situation like this: 150 dogs living in a desert. Sky Sanctuary Rescue says it was contacted by a family living on state land in the desert saying they were bein



One Hundred Fifty Dogs Saved From Hoarding in the Arizona Desert

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150 dogs were found living in the desert of Arizona, a situation that rescuers say they have never seen before. A family who had been living in the desert on state land had contacted Sky Sanctuary Rescue, saying that they were being evicted and that their animals needed to be taken care of. According to rescuers, they had been living there for a year and had built makeshift shelters and cages for the dogs, the majority of which appeared to be healthy, well-fed, and social. Mara Montalbano, of Inside Edition Online, has more.