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More than 300 classified documents were recovered at Mar-a-Lago The New York Times reports on 3 batches of classified documents that have been found there

The government has recovered a variety of documents that have national security implications.



On Monday, the New York Times claimed that Trump had more than 300 secret papers at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Data from the FBI, CIA, and NSA related to matters of national security were included in the documents.

A total of three searches, beginning on August 8th, resulted in the documents being recovered by the government.

According to a Monday report from The New York Times, former President Donald Trump kept more than 300 classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort after he left the White House.

According to The Times’s reporting, the government has recovered the documents in three distinct batches.

The initial cache of documents, 15 boxes recovered by the National Archives in February, contained more than 150 classified materials and helped trigger the investigation that led to the raid on Mar-a-Lago earlier this month, according to The Times.

According to The Times, Trump’s aides gave the second set to the Justice Department in June. On August 8, FBI agents searched the Florida country club and retrieved documents, including 11 sets of classified materials.

Insider’s requests for comment from the FBI and the Trump campaign were not met with an immediate response.

Despite Trump’s contradictory statements on whether or not the documents were classified, he has still called the investigation a “unthinkable violation” of his rights.

Unsealed documents show that a federal magistrate judge named Bruce Reinhart approved the search warrant that allowed federal agents to enter Mar-a-Lago and collect evidence related to national security. Affidavit evidence was used to support the warrant, but its public disclosure is being challenged in court.