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Naga Chaitanya talks about nepotism in the movie industry

After the large-scale nepotism debate in Bollywood, Naga Chaitanay talks about nepotism in Tollywood.



Naga Chaitanya has been actively promoting Laal Singh Chaddha, his first Bollywood flick. Chay has been giving open interviews while the movie has received favorable reviews so far. He recently discussed nepotism in Bollywood and how it differs greatly from Tollywood.

Chay hails from one of the largest cinema families, for those who are unaware. Although his grandfather Akkineni Nageswara Rao is regarded as one of the cornerstones of Tollywood, his father Nagarjuna is a superstar as well. Chay’s maternal uncle is Venkatesh Daggubati, and his maternal grandfather was D Ramanaidu.

Naturally, Chay is also a product of nepotism, but in Tollywood, most stars’ children work in the film business. It doesn’t happen very often in the South, the actor recently reacted to the same situation. But I have no idea why it ever began. Just my opinion when I was questioned about it. They’ve just passed on so much to me that I want to be an actor, come into my own, and sort of carry forward what they have established in order to just keep this journey going. See, I’ve watched my granddad act, my dad act, and I’ve been highly inspired by their work.

In addition, Chay said that the director, producer, and everyone else would contact them if tomorrow saw the release of my movie and another movie starring a first-generation actor, and the other movie made Rs 100 crores while mine only made Rs 10 crores.

In addition, Chay explained to Filmfare that “in the playground, it’s survival of the fittest. Indeed, I’m lucky. My launch was simpler, and I got off to a better start. But now that we’re all here, the battle is fair because of how talented everyone is in your immediate vicinity. Simple question: Will they dissuade the person by stating “no, it’s nepotism” if a first-generation actor’s child approaches him tomorrow and declares his desire to be an actor? You won’t regret it; instead, you’ll feel proud of that lovely moment.