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Naruto hand signs show what they do Here you can learn about the secret signs of the ninja Naruto

It is important to know how to make hand signs in order to properly use some of Naruto’s most difficult jutsu.



Despite not necessarily being crucial to the plot, hand signs are a huge issue in Naruto.

The battle sequences in Naruto are known for their use of jutsus, however other fighting maneuvers like shadow clones and fireballs also occasionally appear. Characters must focus and unleash their chakra through a sequence of hand signals in order to use the majority of these powers. A flash of hand gestures is frequently associated with the Naruto series, despite the fact that they are not as recognizable as the headbands ninjas wear in that anime.

But what do the Naruto series’ hand symbols mean? How many are there, what do they mean, and what do they look like? Here is a thorough manual.

Guide to Naruto hand signs

Naruto uses 12 standard hand signals, with numerous modifications for various jutsu. Here is how each one appears:

Each of the 12 major signs is named after an animal from the lunar calendar. In order to activate the majority of jutsus in Naruto, a character needs anything from three to more than ten signs. From then, the power can be used, and they can appear in a variety of ways, such as shooting from the mouth, flowing through the hands, or simply appearing out of thin air. Only a few handful have been successful in making this seem decent in real life, despite numerous attempts.

Generally speaking, different jutsu aspects or styles correspond to different signs. For instance, it has been demonstrated that several fire procedures conclude with a tiger hand seal. At this point, hundreds of various jutsus have been depicted in manga, anime, and motion pictures, and not all of them are accompanied by a definite set of hand gestures. Even said, there are enough similarities among related jutsus to imply that there is a method to this madness.

Along with the 12 basic hand signals, specific Naruto characters have hand signals that correspond to particular spells. As utilized with familial or taboo practices, some characters have been shown to have distinctive hand signs or variants on the basic signs.

Here are all the Naruto hand gestures, along with what they signify, according to