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Neha Kakkar criticizes people for making fun of her crying on TV: ‘Who are not emotional, I would seem fake’

Famous Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar moved to win over people just by being herself and singing.



One of B-most Town’s beloved vocalists is Neha Kakkar. She performed a number of Bollywood dance numbers that were all huge hits. The youth of today can be seen bopping along to her songs like “Coca Cola,” “Aankh Marey,” and “Dilbar.” She is a creative force with many skills. Her softer songs, as well as her party songs, have won the hearts of her fans. She has quite a long list, including Dil Ko Kaarar Aya, Suroor, and Oh Humsafar.

She has appeared as a judge on a number of reality competitions before, and now she will be joining the panel on Singer Superstar 2. The singer has often been photographed crying, lending credence to the stereotype that she is overly emotional. Recently, she discussed the matter in an interview with a news website, saying that she “can’t blame” her trolls because not everyone is as sensitive as she is.

The journalist shared her thoughts with ETimes, saying, “There are plenty of people who are completely emotionless, so I don’t blame them. People who aren’t feeling-oriented might think I’m pretending. However, other sensitive individuals will get me and can relate to my experiences. Nowadays, it seems like there aren’t many people who care enough to empathize with and aid those in need. There’s no shame in admitting that I possess that trait “.

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Many viewers feel like reality shows add unnecessary drama by focusing on the contestants’ personal lives. They also focus on the lives of the contestants and their families, as Neha explained, because a reality show centered solely on singing and dancing might get boring.

She believes, viewers also relate to these contestants and their stories, and when they show how a contestant has come a long way by sacrificing things, people connect with it because everyone has someone of their own who has been through struggle and achieved things. The reality of our lives is what we are showing on the show,” Neha explained.

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