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Newsletter: Anne Heche conspiracies

We crawl the web so you don’t have to. Sign up to receive web_crawlr, a daily newsletter from the Daily Dot, in your inbox each day. Hello fellow citizens of the internet! Andrew here. Welcome to today’s edition of web_crawlr. It’s Monday, which means it is time for our weekly “One Dumb Conspiracy” column from our Tech Reporter Mikael. Besides that we’ve got key reports on a TikToker trying to take the true crime genre to task, Amazon being…



Greetings, fellow internet users! Here’s Andrew. Welcome to the web crawlr episode for today.

Monday means it’s time for our tech reporter Mikael’s weekly “One Dumb Conspiracy” column.

Along with that, we have important reports on a TikToker attempting to criticize the real crime genre, Amazon being concerned about the FTC’s inquiry, the Republican who recently ousted Rep. Liz Cheney spreading QAnon rumors, and a “That One Sound” essay from our Senior Reporter Audra.

Phew. It’s a lot, that. I’ll see you then!

— A.W.

Top articles from today

A TikToker is dedicated to exposing the true crime genre’s obscene underbelly.


Our current state of mind has a soundtrack from a 2021 movie.


Amazon said that the FTC was looking into Prime and referred to Bezos’ demands as “grossly excessive.”


Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) was defeated by a candidate who recently advanced a key premise of the QAnon conspiracy theory.


Expert opinion suggests

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One Dumber Scheme

Through Mikael Thalen

Why some people believe actress Anne Heche was murdered

Every day of every web crawlr issue features exclusive original content. In his “One Dumb Conspiracy” column, Chief Tech Reporter Mikael Thalen disproves some of the craziest conspiracies that have been going around the internet. Subscribe to web crawlr to get your daily feed of internet culture delivered straight to your email if you want to read articles like these before anybody else.

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Here is what else is going on with the internet.

A Domino’s Pizza manager posted portions of a job interview and the reasons the applicant received two “strikes,” which ignited a discussion on TikTok.

A woman on TikTok claims that days after being fired, her previous employer sent her a goodie bag.

This TikToker’s claim that a maintenance worker twice broke into her flat without permission is going viral.

Trading cards are just one aspect of Pokemon. These are the top Pokemon-related goods that each fan should own. Time to get moving.

There’s nothing wrong with requesting a double-toasted Starbucks sandwich, right?

Addams Over Luis Guzman’s portrayal of Gomez in the new Netflix adaptation, Family fans are quarrelling.

How much personal information should you divulge to your coworkers?

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The video that a bunch of Starbucks baristas posted revealing their least favorite pastries and drinks to create has gone viral. One of these is certainly something you like.

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