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Next week, the UK is expected to receive a shipment of Australian gas

The UK and Europe looking for alternative energy sources, Australia will soon provide the UK with LNG.



Next week, a supply of gas from Australia is anticipated to arrive in the UK as demand for energy in Europe increases.

The arrival of the liquid natural gas (LNG) is scheduled for August 22nd, according to commodity experts Kpler.

Australia doesn’t typically export gas this far, but since the invasion of Ukraine, European nations have been looking for alternatives to Russian gas.

In April, the UK ceased importing gas from Russia.

Despite only purchasing a small portion of its gas from Russia before to the start of the conflict, the UK is a part of the European gas network. Continental Europe is more dependent on Russian gas, and Nordstream pipeline deliveries have already been reduced.

Moscow has been charged with using gas as a political tool, and if the problem is not resolved, there are concerns that it may completely stop supplying gas to European nations.

He told the BBC that “European nations are feverishly attempting to store up before the winter approaches.”

“Since we don’t have the facilities to keep it, this shipment may not be for the UK. However, I anticipate that the majority of it will be transferred to Europe, where they are scrambling to boost supplies.”

According to Bloomberg, which broke the news first, this is the first time Australia has sent a liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipment to Europe in at least six years.

It’s also possible that China’s decreased need for energy, where Mr. Cox claimed that repeated Covid lockdowns had decreased the need for electricity, contributed to Australia’s choice to sell to Europe.

About half of the gas used in the UK is imported straight from the North Sea. A further third is sent through pipelines from Norway, and the country also purchases LNG from Qatar, the US, and a few other nations.

The BBC received confirmation from commodities intelligence company Kpler that the LNG freighter Attalos is transporting a cargo from the North West Shelf liquefaction plant in Australia to the UK’s Isle of Grain terminal near London.