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No 18 Texas names Quinn Ewers as starting quarterback after passing for 4 touchdowns in the game against Hudson Card

No. 18 Texas Longhorns expect to name a starting quarterback next week, but Longhorns coach Steve Sarkisian made a change on Friday.



Steve Sarkisian, the head coach of Texas, said on Thursday that he was close to choosing a starting quarterback. Just as reporters were wrapping up their post-practice interview session on Friday morning, Sarkisian contacted his sports information director.

In the interview room, a team official informed the reporters that Quinn Ewers would start at quarterback.

The Fourth Estate immediately became silent. Are you serious? Is all of this real? He said, “Yes,” as he turned to face the crowd.

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Inside the Moncrief-Neuhaus Athletic Center, a sleepy Friday was abruptly turned upside down. Ewers, a redshirt freshman transfer from Ohio State, beat out sophomore Hudson Card for the starting role after Sarkisian first texted the news out.

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Texas quickly issued a statement to make things official as reporters rushed to their laptops. Actually, the spoken notification was just for convenience. And while the official message, “Let’s ride 3,” wasn’t as succinct as the tweet sent by Texas wide receiver Xavier Worthy, it was just as impactful.

Ja’Tavion Sanders, a tight end, said he didn’t think it mattered who started against Louisiana-Monroe on Sept. 3. I believe that whomever obtains a starting job will unquestionably lead our team and guide us in the long run, he said.

After all, tight ends are where both Ewers and Card are aiming their throws. Sanders jokingly said, “That’s what I enjoy about both.

Why did Sarkisian decide to do this at this time?

Sarkisian didn’t make himself accessible to media on Friday, and he won’t do so again until early next week, perhaps on Monday. Let the rumors fly as to why he chose the starter following Friday’s sparse practice.

Word would eventually get out once the two players knew or after Sarkisian told the team. The coach directed the story as opposed to all the murmuring from the shadows.

In the second closed team scrimmage on Saturday, Sarkisian might want to observe Ewers’ performance with the first-team offense. Perhaps Sarkisian thinks that Ewers has more potential than Card does. After all, the coaching manual instructs you to select the younger player if both quarterbacks are practically equal.

But as the week went on, it was evident that something shifted. Sarkisian characterized the quarterback competition as close on Monday.

At the beginning of the week, he commented, “Yeah, I would say it’s tight.” “Both guys are working extremely hard, I’ll say that. They both have positive attitudes.

Sarkisian then went into depth about how he complimented both Ewers and Card for their respective approaches to addressing everything.

Sarkisian was then questioned once more on Thursday about how close he was to naming a starting.

We’ll do that, he added, “I think I have a very decent concept, but I want to give these guys a chance to compete.”

One thing has been made very plain by Sarkisian: what happens next. Sarkisian thinks that after the coach picks the starter, that player is regarded as a first-team player, and the backup moves to the second team. There won’t be any more sharing practice iterations like Ewers and Card have so far.

Put them in a position to do the things they do well when they play, and Quinn is no different, according to Sarkisian. While we continue to work on some of those other areas where we know he can improve as we develop, we attempt to call the things that I know he does well while he is playing.

Will the events of 2021 be repeated?

Casey Thompson, an experienced player, and Card, a freshman at the time, fought it out for the starting position the previous year. As the Texas coach in his first season, Sarkisian made his first significant choice here.

The majority of onlookers anticipated Thompson would start. But Sarkisian chose Card, who played for almost seven quarters before being replaced by Thompson in the last frame of Arkansas’ 40-21 defeat. The Horns limped to a 5-7 record as a result of Thompson’s season-ending thumb injury.

Ewers made his initial commitment to Texas on August 14, 2020. Ewers was the top-ranked talent in the country for the recruiting class of 2021 at the moment, making it big news. He ultimately chose Ohio State though, and played as a fourth-stringer for the Buckeyes last season.

Texas fans were ecstatic when Ewers opened the transfer portal in December in the hopes that he would give the Horns another chance. In time to enroll for the spring semester, he did and enrolled with Texas. Thompson, though, transferred to Nebraska after Ewers committed; in Lincoln, he was merely designated the Huskers’ opening-day starter.

For the class of 2023, Texas only has one quarterback committed: Arch Manning from New Orleans.

Card doesn’t seem like the kind of person to just get up and leave. He always wanted to dress in burnt orange. The Lake Travis product is a standout student and has been named to the Big 12 Commissioner’s Honor Roll four times. For Card, earning a degree from Texas is just as essential as representing Texas on the field.

In the end, Card remarked in April, “Sark’s the master, and he understands how to handle these things.” So I’m simply putting my trust in him, and in the end, whatever he decides to do, it’s his call.

Ewers’ assurance was evident in April

Only one interview with reporters for eight minutes took place on April 14 with Ewers in Texas. However, neither Ewers nor Card have talked at training camp despite being accessible in the interview room at that time. At Texas, that is not unusual. Prior to speaking with reporters, first win the competition.

Ewers, a product of Southlake Carroll, made it apparent in April that he felt at home.

Ewers then remarked, “So I grew up watching the Longhorns play, wanted to be in that burnt orange.” “There was a small obstruction in the way, but I made it here. I’m very appreciative of the opportunity God has provided for me, and I’m looking forward to being back in my own state.

Coach Sark once told me, “That’s why the rearview mirror is so little and the windshield is so huge,” when asked why he departed Ohio State, Ewers cited as the reason. You sort of put the past in the past and just concentrate on the future. Ewers’ only game action in 2021 consisted of some garbage-time handoffs in crimson and gray, but I’m really psyched about what’s coming soon. Since his junior year at Southlake, when he missed six games due to injury but completed 66% of his passes and passed for 2,442 yards and 28 touchdowns, he hasn’t played a full game.

Ewers was questioned about the last time he received a hit from a defensive player during spring practice. He asked, “Like a full hit?” “That’s a valid query. Honestly, that was probably in high school. Probably.”

The top-ranked Alabama team, considered one of coach Nick Saban’s best, will visit Texas on September 10. For being the best defense in the country last season, linebacker Will Anderson Jr. won the Nagurski Trophy.

Possible reversal of the arrangement from 2021 is this. Sarkisian is favoring the hyped-up youngster over the seasoned player. The matchup from week two will serve as the yardstick once more.

And once more, how this all turns out will determine how Sarkisian, who was once a quarterback himself, is viewed.

Originally published on USA TODAY, this article says: No. 18 Texas chooses Quinn Ewers over Hudson Card as their starting quarterback.