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No mention was given for Kenny Walker III’s return

Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker III is recovering from a surgery. Coach Pete Carroll has ping-ponged on the question of whether or not Walker had surgery. On Sunday, Carroll told reporters there



Former Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker III underwent surgery to repair a hernia. That is, unless he didn’t. For whatever reason, he is still on the mend, and his return is not yet scheduled.

The question of whether or not the rookie tailback had surgery to repair a hernia has been batted back and forth by coach Pete Carroll. Walker is still recovering from the operation, Carroll told the press on Sunday.

The pain has subsided, but he’s still pretty tender,” Carroll said. As for me, I spent the day with him. He needs time to recover before he can do what they did inside. We don’t yet have a set order, but it’s only a matter of time. It remains to be seen how he reacts.

Hernia surgery was described in at least one account. However, Carroll’s hernia is not mentioned in the video of his comments. But when he says he’s “got some things to heal,” he makes a hand gesture toward his stomach.

Perhaps this is the most important takeaway from Carroll’s remarks. He had previously stated that Walker’s return for Week One was a reasonable expectation. The statements made today, however, seem to indicate otherwise.

So that’s the state of affairs right now. That may change again in the next 22 days before the Seahawks host the Bronco.

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