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Norfolk businesses joined the fight over a road sign which was first created in Virginia Beach

Z104.5 has gotten into a sign war with one of their business rivals and the battle is spreading to Norfolk.



The latest development in the sign war involving Z104.5’s Shaggy has brought the “fight” between several small businesses in Virginia Beach to Norfolk.

On August 12, Shaggy’s Haygood Skating Center in Virginia Beach was publicly called out by the Cinema Café in a sign message.

The movie theater’s sign read, “HEY HAYGOOD SKATING CTR WANNA HAVE A SIGN WAR.” The subsequent response from other Virginia Beach establishments was to put up their own signs.

Waterside District in Norfolk unveiled a sign on Wednesday targeting the DJ and radio personality, taking the sign war to new heights.

“Hi there, shaggy! Apparently, a larger sign is required, “Located in the Waterside Business District, the sign read.

Baseball’s Norfolk Tides team got in on the action by posting an Instagram photo that echoed the sentiments of the Waterside District.

Chicho’s Pizza Backstage in Downtown Norfolk then posted its own sign on Thursday morning.

“WHAT UP, SHAG! This is the best we can do for now, so we’re going to chalk it up “a sign proclaimed.

It appeared that Shaggy was quite pleased with the Chicho’s Pizza sign, as he responded to it with the phrase “Let’s goooo” on Instagram.

Thursday morning also saw some daring sign changes at the Chick-fil-A on Northampton Boulevard.

Even though we only sell chikin, we want all the beef! SHAGGY! the sign read.

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13News We don’t know if the sign battle will spread to the other Seven Cities in Hampton Roads. Read on for the latest information.