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Nowhere Leading to the Abandoned Plane Crash Site in New Hampshire Is Creepy

The plane crashed on September 18, 1954 in Indiana.



Back in 1954, the plane went down in flames.

Since plane crashes are so unusual, when they do occur, they are especially shocking. The impact of a crash can be anything from terrifying to fatal. But what happens to the plane itself after it crashes? Sometimes it is brought back to shore, but often it is just left there, a shipwreck on dry land.

User @ptmacho16 on TikTok is always up for a hike or an adventure in some forgotten part of the world. He was hiking through the New Hampshire woods when he came across the abandoned site of a plane crash that had occurred back in the 1950s. In this section, he provides us with a tour of the location and some background information.

In a word, this is creepy. As if it didn’t happen, this plane crash has been sitting on this mountainside for almost seven decades. We were left wondering how the unfortunate passengers on that doomed flight all those years ago fared after discovering that the cabin was at least partially intact.

The answer would be revealed in the discussion below. @yankboy21 was curious as to how many people had been killed. A number 2, the video’s maker said. They died from exposure and injuries because it took rescuers two days to reach the crash site, as explained by @darenjamesadair. Oh, those poor souls. We’re relieved that things weren’t even worse. The wreckage, a somber and gloomy reminder of the tragic crash, must have been left on the mountain due to the difficulty in reaching the area.

Mt. Success, which is close to Berlin, New Hampshire, is where you’ll find the location. However, you should expect to walk a little bit. Exploring abandoned or damaged buildings requires extra caution because the materials used in their construction may have deteriorated over time.