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Oakland Ravens extend their undefeated streak to 22 games

Baltimore has a preseason winning streak of 22 games. They haven’t lost since doing so in 2015 and they are on their way to break the all-time NFL record of 19 consecutive [more]



The longest pointless streak in sports history is still going strong.

Against the Cardinals on Sunday night, the Ravens won, extending their preseason winning streak to 22 games. Since 2015, Baltimore has gone winless in preseason games, an NFL record that it keeps adding to.

The Packers, led by Vince Lombardi, set a record by winning 19 straight preseason games between 1959 and 1962. After losing to a college all-star team (yes, NFL teams used to play against college all-star teams in the preseason), the Packers went on a tear, winning four straight preseason games against NFL teams; to this day, their 23 preseason victories remain the league record.

After the game, coach John Harbaugh stated that the Ravens’ winning streak is not a top priority, but that he is proud of his team for always playing to win.

By no means is it the most pressing concern for us right now,” Harbaugh emphasized. “This streak” demonstrates that many players have contributed to victories in the past, including “tonight.”

On Saturday, the Ravens will play the Commanders in their final exhibition game. A win would extend Baltimore’s winning streak to 23 games. Then, next year, we can revisit this meaningless record once again.

The Ravens have won their last 22 preseason games in a row. was first broadcast on Pro Football Talk