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Olivia and Zack reportedly split on good terms

Two lovebirds hung out for six months before calling it quits.



According to reports, Zack Bia and Olivia Rodrigo have parted ways.

The 26-year-old music producer Zack and the 19-year-old pop sensation, who ended her romance with ex-boyfriend Adam Faze earlier this year, were first seen together a few months ago. However, the two were rumored to have been dating since they went to the Super Bowl together in February 2022.

It has now been claimed that the couple’s romance just “fizzled out,” and they peacefully parted ways.

“They weren’t seriously dating, but they hadn’t seen one other in a while.”

They both have separate work schedules and social circles, therefore there were no problems between them, according to another insider, who also spoke to Life and Style.

Zack, who co-founded the independent record label Field Trip Recordings with James Canton in 2018 and who also made an appearance in Drake’s “Money in the Grave” music video, was previously linked to Madelyn Cline from “Outer Banks” and had an on-and-off relationship with “Reckless” singer Madison Beer.

Only a few months prior to the relationship rumors, Zack asserted that he would “hang out” with Olivia “all the time” even if they were “not dating.”

He stated back in January: “While Olivia and I are not romantically involved, we frequently hang together. It’s one of those situations where we really enjoy hanging around, enjoying going out to eat, enjoying attending games, and enjoying all of these activities. But because it’s more like we’re hanging out, we haven’t officially started dating and probably won’t ever quit. We are having a good time and aren’t even paying it much attention.”