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One missing hiker located at Zion National Park following flash flood

One woman hiking in Utah’s National Park has gone missing after a huge, fast-moving flash flood. The rain came down so fast that none of the hikers could escape.



On Saturday, authorities reported that an Arizona woman hiking in Zion National Park, Utah, had been reported missing after a flash flood hit the area.

According to the National Park Service, Jetal Agnihotri went on a hike through the Narrows on Friday and never came back.

Near the Temple of Sinawav, a group of hikers reported being swept off their feet earlier that day by a flash flood. Several people were stranded on higher ground and had to be rescued while one was taken to the hospital.

On Saturday, more than 20 members of the Zion Search and Rescue Team fanned out to look for Agnihotri.

The New York Daily News’ request for an update on Sunday was not immediately returned by a National Park Service spokesperson.

The Narrows, where the Virgin River narrows to just 20 or 30 feet wide between walls that tower 1,000 feet high, is at its warmest and lowest water levels in the summer and early fall, when the NPS says it is least likely to experience life-threatening flash floods. All hikers should check the weather reports before setting out.