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One-of-a-Kind Salt Lake City Hot Spring in a Covered Crater

There is a massive hot spring crater shaped like a beehive in Salt Lake City. It holds a 90 degree geothermal hot spring – and it’s big enough to swim in. The best part? It’s open to the public. The



In Salt Lake City, there is a sizable hot spring crater that resembles a beehive. It has a swimming-sized geothermal hot spring with a temperature of 90 degrees or more. What’s best? It is accessible to everyone.

The 55-foot-tall limestone cave that resembles a beehive contains the Homestead Crater spring. The mineral deposits in the water have caused the cave to build over the hot spring for more than 10,000 years.

Concerning Homestead Crater

The crater was created by the Wasatch Mountains’ underground snowmelt, which bubbled up hot water from two miles below to fill it. Water rose, picking up minerals along the way, including limestone. The beehive was created by the limestone deposits throughout time, while the healing bath was made by the other minerals. While the interior continues to be heated by the water, the domed opening at the top lets in fresh air and sunlight.

The Salt Lake City Crater excursion

The Homestead Resort owns the land where the hot spring crater is located, however anyone can go there for a modest price.

You schedule a time and are then given access to a tunnel that has been drilled into the crater’s side. There is a sizable opening like a volcano at the top as well, but you can’t get in that way and wouldn’t want to! It is a steep descent. However, you can climb the stairs to the summit and gaze down into the crater.

Homestead Hot Spring Crater interior

There is a modest changing facility and a passageway lined with equipment inside the hot spring crater. Due to the 65-foot depth of the spring, visitors are obliged to wear life jackets. Only scuba divers go to the bottom, which is around 400 feet wide. Yes, the only warm diving location in the United States is a paradise for scuba divers this spring.

They hold scuba training there, and as my group relaxed in the mineral-rich water, we observed two divers descend to the bottom and remain there for the entire 40+ minute visit.

The sun shines through the hole in the dome’s top, cooling the cave’s inside. However, the groundwater’s mineral content remains constant around 90 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winter Minerals

Calcium, chloride, sodium bicarbonate, iron, magnesium, potassium, silicate, sodium, lithium, and sulfate are among the minerals found in the crystal-clear blue mineral hot spring crater. Many people think regular soaks here can enhance circulation, lessen eczema and acne, among other things. It’s a mysterious medicine for your soul, in my opinion.

The hot water seemed like a bath to me. Even so, it was a rather large bath with a good dozen other folks. There was so much space that we could swim. Snorkels were employed by some. I simply floated, taking care not to touch the crater’s rough walls.

I left the spa after 40 minutes with silky smooth skin and a revitalized feeling.

The Hot Spring Crater’s events

In the hot spring crater, the resort offers activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and even paddleboard yoga.

Even yet, some visitors merely enter to gaze within and take in the healing steam. You won’t find a better or more distinctive experience anyplace else in the nation.

The Homestead hot spring crater has a $15–$18 per person cost for soaking fee. At 700 North Homestead Drive, Midway, UT 84049, you may find the Homestead Crater.

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